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Title: Corrosion, Impact and Abrasion Protection of Boat Hulls and Marine Surfaces

Author: Eduard A. Stefanescu, PhD Organization: Resodyn Corporation

Abstract: Resodyn Corporation is currently developing thermoplastic polymer coating materials in a project sponsored by the U.S. Navy. This highly durable coating can be applied in a broad variety of marine protection solutions. The coating system provides corrosion protection, and impact and abrasion resistance to aluminum and composite boat hulls. The ingredient materials are formulated specifically for toughness, and are intrinsically water impermeable and impact/abrasion/UV resistant. The coatings are applied using Resodyn Corporation's patented Polymer Thermal Spray (PTS) technology. The fully portable PTS system allows for deposition of polymeric coatings over a broad range of substrates and applications from isolated spots to large surface areas. The coating systems can be applied in a fabrication facility, or perform as a full-function field repair method of damaged substrates using the same PTS deposition technology and materials. A specific case study, where the hull of a 26 ft. military expeditionary craft was PTS coated with the impact/abrasion resistant coating material will be presented. Examples will be depicted to demonstrate expanded applications of the coating technology as a weldless method to attach components, and as corrosion protection for various surfaces subject to adverse marine conditions, including facility-related equipment and structures. Additionally, it is envisioned that Resodyn Corporation’s thermoplastic polymer solution will provide added protection to boat hulls and related surfaces against excessive abrasion, impact damage and corrosion. Implementation of the PTS coating system will increase mission readiness by shortening down-time due to repair or replacement.