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Title: Consumer to Producer of Combatant Craft: A perspective

Author: Evin H. Thompson, Captain (ret) USN

Abstract: In a presentation format, the presenter will discuss the differences between being the end user of combatant craft and the transition to being a builder of combatant craft. The presenter will provide background in his role as an operator, operational commander, requirements and resource officer while in was in the Navy for 30 years as a Naval Special Warfare Officer. During that time he commanded Naval Special Warfare Group Four and was the requirements/resource officer on the OPNAV staff and had the final signature on the MK VI PB requirements document. After his naval service the presenter transitioned to USMI after two previous companies he was associated with and became a boat builder. The presenter is Project Executive at USMI. In this capacity he manages the USMI maintenance facility in VA for USMI, was the APM of the USMI CCM, and is the current PM for the LRUSV that is being conducted in conjunction with CCD.

Bio: Evin Thompson joined USMI in 2013 as a Project Executive, after peddling his bicycle across the United States. His primary responsibility is managing the USMI repair facility in Chesapeake, VA. In this capacity he works closely with Navy commands in the Hampton Roads area ensuring that our customer needs are met. As a project executive his duties are far ranging including; providing estimates on repairs, preparing statements of work, developing strategy and repairing combatant craft.
Prior to joining USMI, Evin served for thirty plus years in the Navy, retiring in 2012.
He was a qualified Naval Special Warfare Officer.
Evin served in a variety of Naval Special Warfare and Joint Special Operations assignments around the world during his time in the Navy. His final assignment was on the Navy Staff as the Expeditionary Warfare Division, Naval Special Warfare Branch Head. He commanded Naval Special Warfare Unit FOUR, Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico, SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team ONE, Pearl Harbor, HI and Naval Special Warfare Group FOUR, Little Creek, VA.