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Title: New Developments in Stepped Hull Design – Initial Feasibility

Authors: Robert (BJ) Walling, Jeffrey Bowles

Abstract: As the State-of-the-Art is ever changing it is important for a designer to periodically reevaluate their tool set. In 2008, DLBA presented calm water performance curves reflecting the State-of-the-Art performance for various hull forms. At the time, it was noted that the stepped hull performance curve may soon require updating. DLBA has also since identified a need for a tool set to aid a designer in quickly determining the feasibility of stepped hull applications.

In an effort to improve stepped hull technology, the author has updated DLBA’s in-house database of stepped hull particulars and performance. Results of the investigation include a modification to the State-of-the-Art performance curve and the development of charts to aid in initial weight estimation, useful load fraction, and step count. Finally, the presentation will present an example feasibility study using the developed tools. The results will be discussed and areas that may require further investigation will be identified.