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The American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE)
The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME)
Present a Technical Symposium:
Marine Environmental Engineering Technology Symposium
"In Pursuit of Cleaner Seas"

August 20 - 22, 2003
Sheraton National Hotel, Arlington, Virginia

Wednesday, August 20
Registration Open
Special Pre-Conference Course
Fundamentals of Environmental Management Systems (EMSs)
A one-day one-day introduction for environmental professionals presented by ABS Consulting/Government Institutes
Program Details:www.navalengineers.orgorwww.govinst.com* Tuition discount for MEETS 2003 Conferees
Thursday, August 21
Registration Open
Continental Breakfast
Sponsored by ABS Americas
Plenary Session
RADM Thomas H. Gilmour, USCG
Assistant Commandant, Marine Safety and Environmental Protection
Exhibit Hall & Poster Session "Diverse Technical Environmental Issues"
Guest Speaker
VADM Roger T. Rufe, Jr., USCG (Ret.)
President and CEO, The Ocean Conservancy
In Pursuit of Cleaner Seas
Technical Sessions

Session A1
Environmental Management Systems

Moderator: Mr. Ron Henderson, ABS Consulting
Assistant Moderator: Mr. Steve Sharpe, ABS Americas

Development & Success of Multi-Disciplinary Curriculum in Ocean Environmental Engineering
Bob Mayer

EMS and ISO 14001 at the Port of Houston Authority
Laura Fiffick

Hazardous Material Control & Management - A Key to an Effective Environmental Management System
Joseph Castle

Session B1
Fire, Safety, and Health

Moderator: Mr. Russell E. Bryant, Jr., NAVSEA (PMS 473)
Assistant Moderator: Mr. Robert Merkle, Gibbs & Cox

Environmental and Performance Issues in MILSPEC AFFF
Bradley Williams

The Use of Heptafluoropropane and Water Cooling as Halon Replacement Aboard Ships
Ron Sheinson

Development and Implementation Guidance for Water Mist Systems for Shipboard Fire Protection
Ron Sheinson

Break, Refreshments — Exhibit Hall
Technical Sessions

Session A1 (continued)

Programmatic Risk Reduction Through Adoption of an Environmental Management System
Steve Markle

Closing the Loop: Design for Disposal
Zbigniew Karaszewski

Session B1 (continued)

Application of Human Systems Engineering Guidelines to Improve Safety, Access and Maintainability in Aircraft Carrier Storage Tanks
Mark Geiger

Ohio Class Guided Missile Submarine Environmental, Safety, and Occupational Health Program
Michael Parulis

Filtration of Airborne, Chemical, and Biological Agents in Military Applications: State of Art and Emerging Technology
Hal Alper

Friday, August 22
Registration Open
Technical Sessions

Session A2
Emerging Technologies

Moderator: Ms. Ye-Ling Wang, Dept. of the Navy
Assistant Moderator: Mr. David Breslin, PE, Dept. of the Navy

An Environmentally Friendly Chemical Agent Resistant Coating for Military Operations
Lisa Weiser

Ongoing Development to Two Ballast Water Treatment Technologies Based on Full-Scale Testing at Baltimore Harbor
Tom Mackey

Destruction of Shipboard Waste Using Molten Salt Oxidation
Jim Griffenhagen

Session B2
Oil and Ballast Water

Moderator: LCDR Kathleen Moore, USCG
Assistant Moderator: Mr. Mike Melcer, USMMA

Experimental Techniques to Determine Oil in Water Concentrations During Compensated Ballast Refueling
Steve Verosto

Bio-Dispersion, an Ultimate Solution for Treating Bilge Water
Satya Ganti

USS MISSISSINEWA Oil Offloating Operations
Juliana Prevatt

Break, Refreshments — Exhibit Hall
Technical Sessions (continued)

Session A2 (continued)


New Achievements in EnviroEngine Technology
Daniel Paro

Fuel Cell Auxiliary-Generator Ship Sensitivity Study
Mark Cervi

Session B2 (continued)


Shipboard Biomechanical Oil-Water Separator
Richard Penny

Venture Oxygen StrippingTMas a Ballast Water Treatment to Prevent Aquatic Invasions and Ship Corrosion
Mario Tamburri

Box Lunch — Exhibit Hall
Technical Sessions
Session A3
Environmental Compliance

Moderator: CDR Stephen P. Markle, USN
Assistant Moderator: Mr. Greg Kirkbride, Rosenblatt

Environmental Technology Informatic Database
Zbigniew Karaszewski

Development of a Membrane Bioreactor to Treat Combined Gray Water/Black Water on a 225' Seagoing Buoy Tender
Sharon Zelmanowitz

Magnetic Refrigeration for Shipboard Centralized and Distributed Chilled Water
Kevin King

Session B3
Main Propulsion & Emissions

Moderator: LT John Baker, USCG, USCG Headquarters
Assistant Moderator: Mr. Ken Kenyon, CSC

Improving the Accuracy of Ship Emissions Inventories
Jim Corbett

Fast Norwegian Coastal Modal Shift Freight Ship
Alistair Greig

Advocating the Development of Universal On-Board Marine Emission Measurement Protocols
Robert Behr

Break, Refreshments — Exhibit Hall
Technical Sessions (continued)
Session A3 (continued)

Uniform National Discharge Standards - Halfway There?
John Quinn

Climate Change and the Acquisition of Naval Ships
David Breslin
Session B3 (continued)


BIODIESEL: An Evaluation for use in USCG Vessels
Hari Bindal

Nox Emission Reduction Through Water Injection
Ernst Radloff