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Marine Environmental Engineering Technology Symposium (MEETS) 2006

Common Issues, Common Solutions — Government Industry Partnership

23 - 25 January 2006, Hilton Crystal City, Arlington, VA 


TIMES Monday, 23 January 2006
Registration Open

Welcome & Introductions

CAPT Rick Hepburn, USN (Ret.) ASNE President
CDR Steve Markle, USN(Ret.), Navalis Environmental Systems, MEETS 2006 Symposium Chairman


Keynote Speaker

Mr. Tom Dow, Vice President, Carnival Corporation


Plenary Session

Moderator: CDR Steve Markle, USN(Ret.), Navalis Environmental Systems

  • Mr. Tony Budzichowski, NAVSEA
  • CAPT Ted Thompson, USCG (Ret.), ICCL
  • Dr. Brian Rappoli, US EPA
1000-1030 Exhibit Opening & Break (Exhibit Area)


TRACK 1 - Technical Papers - Oil and Oily Waste

Moderator: Tom Ingram, ABS

  • Initial Recommendations for Bilge Oily Water Separator System Design and Operation By Hendrik F. Van Hemmen, P.E.

  • Treatment of Emulsified Bilge/Oily Wastewater – Oil Content Below 5ppmBy Cameron Scott Seifert and Urban Svensson
  • Biological Bilge Water Treatment SystemBy Richard L. Penny and Marika Suominen-Yeh

TRACK 2 - Technical Papers - Ballast Water and Non-Indigenous Species

Moderator: Ted Lemieux, NRL

  • Ballast Water Treatment Technology Review (Presentation Only)By CDR Kathleen Moore, USCG
  • Shipboard and Dockside Trials of Ballast Water Treatment TechnologyBy David A. Wright and Thomas P. Mackey
  • Computational and Experimental Analysis of Ballast Water ExchangeBy Wesley Wilson, Peter Chang, Stephan Verosto, Paisan Atsavapranee, David F. Reid, and CAPT Philip T. Jenkins
  • Electrolytic System for Treatment of Ballast Water By Rudolf C. Matousek, David W. Hill, Russell P. Herwig, Jeffery R. Cordell, Bryan C. Nielsen, Nissa C. Ferm, David J. Lawrence, and Jake C. Perrins
Rear Admiral Kevin M. McCoy, USNDeputy Commander for Ship Design, Integration and Engineering (Sea 05), Naval Sea Systems Command
Dessert in the Exhibit Area


TRACK 3 - Technical Papers - Sewage and Water Issues

Moderator: Peter McGraw, NSWCCD

  • Technology Identification and Assessment Process (TIAP) for U.S. Navy Environmental Systems at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division By David Shen
  • Design and Prototype Development of Advanced Oxidation Black and Gray Water Treatment Systems By Stephen P. Markle, P.E.
  • Evaluation of Advanced Waste Water Purification Systems for Cruise Ship Retrofit (Presentation Only) By Nico Corbijn and Scott Staron
  • Ballast and Other Waste Water Management Programs in California (Presentation Only) By Suzanne Gilmore, Maurya Falkner, and Lynn Takata

TRACK 4 - Technical Papers - Emerging Technologies

Moderator: Carl Adema, NAVSEA

  • Plasma Arc Waste Destruction System (PAWDS) – A Novel Approach to Waste Elimination Aboard ShipsBy Aida Kaldas, Isabelle Picard, Christos Chronopoulos, Philippe Chevalier, Pierre Carabin, Gillian Holcroft, Gary Alexander, Joseph Spezio, Jim Mann, and Henry Molintas
  • Climate Change and the Future of Shipping and Ship DesignBy David A. Breslin, P.E.
  • The Adaptation of a Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) Solid Waste Incinerator for Use Aboard U.S. Navy Aircraft Carriers

    By Steven Marx, P.E., Trinh Nguyen, Jerry Bourgeault, and Jan Hansen

  • Integrated Shipboard Environmental Management By Lisa Tennyson
Break (Exhibit Area)
Wrap-up Discussion
RECEPTION (Exhibit Hall)

TIMES Tuesday, 24 January 2006
Registration Open

Opening Address

Ms. Iona Evans, SES (FormerAssistant NAVSEA Deputy Commander for Maintenance, Modernization, Environment, and Safety)
"Science Based Rule Making"

Break (Exhibit Hall)

TRACK 5 - Technical Papers - Engines and Air Emissions

Moderator: Alison Ling, Booz Allen Hamilton

  • Demonstration of an Advanced Activities Approach for Producing Spatially Resolved Ship Emissions Inventories By Chengfeng Wang and Dr. James J. Corbett

  • Innovative, Eco-Minded Crankcase Oil Mist Removal By Theodore Esplin and Urban Svensson
  • Marine Propulsion Technology for Reduced Emissions By Heinrich Schmid
  • European Union Ship Emissions Trading Program
  • Self-Cleaning Filter Protects Engines and Eliminates Disposal Issues By Theodore Esplin and Urban Svensson

TRACK 6 - Technical Papers - Human Health and Environment

Moderator: Mark Geiger, OPNAV

  • Implications and Applications of Noise Control in Government and Commercial Sectors By Kurt Yankaskas and Ray Fischer
  • Leveraging the Militarization of COTS Adhesives for Significant Cost Savings of Terrestrial Fiber Optic Cables By Gregory T. Daly
  • Elements of a Successful Ship Noise Control Project By Raymond Fischer
  • Surface Mineralization as an Environmentally Benign Alternative to Cadmium Plating and Hexavalent Chromate Treatment for Corrosion Protection By Nancy Heimann and George T. Simpson

  • Quantifying Copper Release from Antifouling Coatings By Elizabeth Haslbeck and Dr. Marcel Vo
Box Lunches (Exhibit Hall)

Ship Programs Panel

Moderator: CAPT Steve Evans, USN (Ret.), Booz Allen Hamilton

  • USCG - LCDR Bob Volpe, USCG
  • ABS - CAPT Glenn Ashe, USN (Ret.), ABS Americas
  • NCL - Mr. Pete Randall, NCL America
Break (Exhibit Hall)

Ship Programs Panel (Continued)

  • US Navy - Ms. Mary Jo Bieberich
  • Use of Non-Governmental Pollution Control Standards in Shipbuilding By Steve Markle
  • ASTM - Mr. Bob Morgan
Conference Wrap Up
Wednesday, 25 January 2006
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