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Mega Rust 2011 - Agenda

Monday, June 6

0800 - 1400 Table Top Exhibits at NSSA
Located on the main street hall at NSSA building CEP200

1500 - 1800 Registration Open

Tuesday, June 7

0700 - 0800 Continental Breakfast
(Sponsored by 3M Defense)

0700 - 1800 Registration Open

0800 - 0820 Administrative Remarks/Welcome Aboard

0820 - 0900 Keynote Address
VADM Kevin M. McCoy, USN; Commander, NAVSEA

0900 - 0920 Navy Corrosion Executive
Steve Spadafora

0920 - 0940 U.S. Fleet Forces Command
Dale Hirschman

0940 - 1010 NAVSEA Materials Division
Beau Brinckerhoff, NAVSEA 05P2

1000 - 1930 Exhibit Hall Open (See Mega Rust 2011 Exhibitor List)
(For paid registrants and exhibit booth personnel only)

1010 - 1040 Break in Exhibit Hall
(Sponsored by Novetas Solutions, LLC)

1040 - 1100 Coatings Technical Warrant Holder Update
Mark Ingle, NAVSEA

1100 - 1130 Surface Forces

1130 - 1150 Aircraft Carriers CPA
Joel Korzun, Carrier Planning Activity

1150 - 1210 Submarines
Martha Bowman, SUBMEPP

1215 - 1345 Keynote Luncheon with Speaker
RDML Robert O. Wray, Jr., USN; President, INSURV

1345 - 1415 Break in Exhibit Hall
(Sponsored by ABS Americas)

1415 - 1530 Flag Officers Panel
Moderator: RADM Mark A. Hugel, USN (Ret.); CACI


RADM J. Clarke Orzalli, USN; Vice Commander, NAVSEA
RADM David M. Thomas, USN; Commander, SURFLANT
RADM Ronald J. Rabago, USCG; Assistant Commandant for Engineering & Logistics
RDML James P. McManamon, USN; Deputy Commander for Surface Warfare,
SEA 21, Naval Sea Systems Command
1530 - 1610 Break in Exhibit Hall
(Sponsored by Opta Minerals Inc.)

1610 - 1630 Naval Aviation
Craig Matzdorf, NAVAIR

1630 - 1650 U.S. Coast Guard
Mark Dust, USCG SFLC

1650 - 1710 U.S. Marine Corps
Andrew Sheetz, USMC

1710 - 1730 Combat Systems
Tim Tenopir, NSWC-PHD

1730 - 1930 Opening Reception for Mega Rust 2011

Wednesday, June 8

0700 - 1800 Registration Open

0700 - 1700 Exhibit Hall Open
(For paid registrants and exhibit booth personnel only until 1200)

0700 - 0800 Continental Breakfast

0800 - 0810 Administrative Remarks

0810 - 1600 NAVAIR Aviation Corrosion Concurrent Sessions (New in 2011!)

0810 - 0830 Corrosion Control Assistance Team (CCAT)
Jim Wigle, NSWC-CD

0830 - 0850 Military Sealift Command
Bob Van Jones, MSC

0850 - 0910 War on Corrosion
Bill Needham, NSWC-CD

0910 - 0930 Office of Naval Research
Airan Perez, ONR

0930 - 0950 "Just-Do-Its" Working Group Outbrief
Mark Funke, NST Center

0950 - 1020 Break in Exhibit Hall

1020 - 1045 SEA21
RDML James P. McManamon, USN; Deputy Commander for Surface Warfare,
SEA 21, Naval Sea Systems Command

1045 - 1110 Surface Maintenance Engineering Planning Program (SURFMEPP)
Tim Cherry, SURFMEPP

1110 - 1135 Naval Facilities
Clay Dean, NAVFAC

1135 - 1220 Regional Maintenance Centers
Dale Hirschman, Moderator

1230 - 1345 Lunch in Exhibit Hall

1345 - 1525 Concurrent Technical Sessions

Session 1: Program Updates

NAVSEA Composite Working Group Efforts and Applications
D. Michael Bergen (NSWC Carderock)
Transitioning the Service Life Assessment Pilot to a Program
Sam Albrecht (ABS)
Data Analysis of Corrosion Damage on Ship Tanks and Voids
Patrick Cassidy (Elzly Technology Corporation)
Rotating-Arm Coefficient of Friction (CoF) Meter (μ-Deck) Status Update
Damien Ranero (NSWC Carderock)
Session 2: Materials

Superhydrophobic Coatings Multiply Corrosion Protection
Andrew Jones (Ross NanoTechnology LLP)
Innovative Coating Options for Topsides and Underwater Hull of Navy Vessels to Reduce Operational Costs and Improve Environmental Footprint
John Mangano (International Paint LLC)
Aluminum - Titanium Alloy for Anti-Slip Surfaces in Marine Environments
Dr. Chris J. Wheatley (CJ Wiretech Limited)
Advanced 2K and 1K Topside Coatings for the U.S. Navy
Erick Iezzi (SAIC)
Session 3: Analysis & Inspection

Integrated Testing Protocol for Determination and Prediction of Corrosion Inhibition and Material Longevity
Dawn Wellman (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
Expert Structures and Coating Analysis Tool (ESCAT)
C. Thomas Savell (GCAS Incorporated)
Cost–Effective Life Extension of Severely Corroded Reinforced Concrete Structures
Siva Venugopalan (SCS, Inc.)
Prediction/Assessment: Non-Disruptive Pipe Condition Assessment Methods Overview and Case Studies
Yaofu Zhang (Russell Corrosion Consultants, Inc.)
1525 - 1600 Break in Exhibit Hall

1600 - 1650 Technical Session

Session 4: Program Updates

Optimization of an Asset Management Plan for Waterfront Structures
David Rozene (Acotec Inc.)
The Benefits of the Hull Cleaning Program with Primary Focus on Underwater Coating Applications
Cecil Achord (Seaward Marine Services, Inc.)
1600 - 1730 Naval Aviation Enterprise Panel Discussion

1600 - 1730 Fleet Waterfront Perspectives Panel Discussion

Thursday, June 9

0700 - 1400 Registration Open

0700 - 1400 Exhibit Hall Open

0700 - 0800 Continental Breakfast

0800 - 1005 Concurrent Technical Sessions

Session 1: Coating and Corrosion Control

Dry Ice Blasting Process for Cleaning, Preservation Preparation and Coating Inspection
Karen L. Bruer (Amee Bay)
Evaluation of "Spot and Sweep" Blasting as a Cost-Effective Method of Underwater and Outer Hull Surface Preparation for the U.S. Navy
Stephen Cogswell (BAE Systems Southeast Shipyards)
Abrasive Blasting Protective Equipment and Process Evaluation: Preliminary Findings and Guidance for Control Measures
Mark Geiger (OPNAV Safety Liaison Office)
Power Hand Tool and Process Management to Reduce Hand-Arm Vibration Disease Associated with Corrosion Control Operations
Mark Geiger (OPNAV Safety Liaison Office)
Ship Corrosion Control Tool Program
Dave Zilber (3M Government Markets)
Session 2: Management

Software Design Tool Predicts Galvanic Corrosion Rates on Complex Assemblies of Mixed Materials
Dr. Alan Rose (Elsyca Inc.)
Understanding the Navy Fade - Color and Gloss Stability
James Martin (Naval Research Laboratory)
How the Corrosion Control Knowledge Sharing Network (KSN) is Streamlining Corrosion Control Management Across the Surface Fleet
Joe Welsh (McKean Defense Group)
Easy Inspection Form Creation for Dry Film Thickness and Related Test Measurement Requirements
Paul Lomax (Fischer Technology, Inc.)
Corrosion Control and Holistic Ship Management: A Commercial Operator’s Perspective
CAPT Gordan E. Van Hook, USN (Ret.) (Maersk Line, Limited)
Session 3: New Technology/Inspection

Lamb Wave Technology for Hull Structure Assessment
Mark Hinders (College of William and Mary)
Multisensory Distributed Sensor Network for Intelligent Coating Health Monitoring
J. Agrawal (ScienceTomorrow)
In-situ Monitoring of Conditions Promoting Environment Assisted Cracking
Fritz Friedersdorf (Luna Innovations)
A Rapid and Cost-Effective Method for Performing Topside Coatings Assessments on U.S. Navy Ships
James Tagert (Vision Point System Incorporated)
Fluid Bed vs. Traditional Coating Methods on Watertight Doors
Brad Bamford (Automatic Coating Limited)
0800 - 1200 Painting Center of Excellence
Mark Lattner, NAVSEA 05

1005 - 1035 Break in Exhibit Hall

1035 - 1240 Concurrent Technical Sessions

Session 4: Program Updates

Time & Cost Savings Associated With the Application of MIL-PRF-24635 Type V Polysiloxane To The Freeboard and Topside of the U.S.S. BonHomme Richard (LHD-6)
Gordon Kuljian (NRL Consultant)
Military & Industrial Paint Cartridge Systems - Reduction of Total Ownership Costs
Markus Scheuber (Sulzer Mixpac USA Inc.)
Current SSPC Program Status
Michael Damiano (SSPC)
Peel & Stick Nonskid Program Update
Dave Zilber (3M Government Markets)
Impact of Surface Profile on Thermal Spray Adhesion
Cameron Miller (SAIC)
Session 5: Studies/Materials/Inspection

Direct-to-Metal and Exterior Durable Siloxane Non-Skid Coatings
Erick Iezzi (SAIC)
Corrosion of Super Martensitic Stainless Steel Due to Alternating Current in Artificial Sea Water
Tatiana Reyes (Colorado School of Mines)
Accelerated Life Testing and Cathodic Delamination/Debonding: Improving the Navy’s Predictive Capabilities for Corrosion-Induced Metal-Polymer Adhesion Failures
Dr. Thomas S. Ramotowski (NUWC Newport)
Advances in Laser Coatings Removal for Shipbuilding and Repair
Erik Oller (Concurrent Technologies Corporation)
Real-time 4D Non-invasive Subsurface Corrosion Inspection Using Ultrahigh-speed, Fourier-domain Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
Dr. Abner Rodriguez (NSWC-CD Philadelphia)
Session 6: Training/Management/Inspection

Corrosion Assessment Training Available to Navy Personnel
Robin Frye and Lee Twombly (NACE International)
Training - A Preventive Maintenance Tool to Control and Prevent Corrosion, Increase Material Readiness, and Reduce Total Ownership Cost
Kevin Kennedy (AMSEC LLC)
Best Practices of NSCWD-SSES Shipboard Corrosion Assessments
Ryan Buchs (Vision Point Systems)
Real-Time Demonstration of MFOM Tools in Support of Corrosion Issues
Dale Hirschman (Fleet Forces Command)
The Effects of Corrosion on Ship’s Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
Merchant S. Adams (General Dynamics IT)
1240 - 1350 Lunch on your own

1350 - 1420 Mega Rust Working Group Tasking

1420 - 1440 Closing Remarks