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Mega Rust 2013 - Agenda

The agenda below is tentative and subject to change.

Monday, June 24

0800-1200 Professional Development Course

Programs and Strategies for Small Businesses to Successfully Apply for Government Contracts
0900-1200 Tabletop Displays at NSSA (Building CEP-200)

1000-1200 Introducing Products to the DOD Using Specifications and Standards
Tony Eng, NAVSSES (View Abstract)

1300-1800 Exhibitor Set-Up

1330-1500 Concurrent Technical Session 1
Moderator: Jim Brinkman, Battelle

Composite Material Solutions to Corrosion Issues
Mark Sherrouse/Dianna Genton (Huntington Ingalls Industries)
Predicting Impact of Material Choice on Galvanic Incompatibilities
Alan Rose (Corrdesa)
Environmental Impact of Zinc and Zinc-Coated Steel on Aquatic Systems
Philip G. Rahrig (American Galvanizers Association)
1330-1500 Concurrent Technical Session 2
Moderator: Dave Zilber, 3M Defense

Development of a Fuel Safe ISIS for the Inspection of Fuel Tanks on U.S. Navy Ships
Bruce Nelson (Battenkill Technologies), John Wegand, Paul Slebodnick (NRL)
Inspecting and Documenting Freeboard and Topside Coatings Conditions of the US Navy Ships using the Advanced Freeboard and Topside Coatings Assessment Toolkit (AFTCAT)
Bruce Nelson (Battenkill Technologies), John Wegand, Paul Slebodnick (NRL)
Topside Corrosion Control (TCC) System Initiative: A Singled Up, Comprehensive Approach to Topside Corrosion Control
Steve Melsom, Linda Stiles (SEA-21)
1500-1530 Break

1530-1700 Concurrent Technical Session 3
Moderator: Felix Ikner, Valkyrie Industries

Reducing Total Ownership Costs - Shipboard Cleaning and Decontamination
Garry J. Edgington (CBI Polymers, Inc.)
Embedded Long Service Life Monitoring System for Aluminum Alloy Sensitization
Mara Shedd (Luna Innovations Inc.)
A Review of Polysiloxane Technolog High Durability Topside and Freeboard Area Coating (MIL – DTL – 24635 (D) Type VI, Class 2, Grade A)
Tom Morrissey (PPG)
1530-1700 Concurrent Technical Session 4
Moderator: Ken Gernenz, Sunbelt Rentals

Testing of Zinc Rich Primers for Use on Complex Surfaces to Mitigate Running Rust and Material Loss
Patrick Cassidy (Elzly Technology Corp)
SSPC Program Update 2013
Michael P. Damiano (SSPC)
Spray-on Ceramic Insulation up to 450C and Encapsulating Existing Corrosion without Sandblast
Joseph E. Pritchett (Superior Products International II, Inc)
1500-1800 Registration Open

1700-1830 Opening Reception in Exhibit Area

Tuesday, June 25

0700-1700 Registration Open

0700-0800 Continental Breakfast

0800-0810 Welcome
Mr. Ronald K. Kiss, President, ASNE

0810-0820 Administrative Remarks
Mr. Dave Zilber, Mega Rust 2013 Committee Chairman

0820-0840 Navy Corrosion Executive Remarks
Mr. Steve Spadafora, Navy Corrosion Executive

0840-0900 NAVSEA Remarks
Mr. Mark Ingle, NAVSEA

0900-1000 Keynote Address
RADM Robert O. Wray, Jr., USN; President, INSURV

1000-1730 Exhibit Hall Open

1000-1045 Break

1045-1200 Waterfront Perspectives Panel
Moderator: Mr. Brian McClain, CNSL N431

1200-1320 Lunch in Exhibit Hall

1320-1355 SEA21
Ms. Linda Stiles, SEA-21, Mr. Andy Vasquez

1355-1420 SURFLANT
LCDR Steve Gilbert, USN; CNSL N431

1420-1445 CCAT
Mr. Jim Wigle, NSWC Carderock

1445-1530 Break

1530-1555 SURFMEPP Programs
Mr. Mike Tobin and Mr. Mark Darwin, SURFMEPP

1555-1620 DDG-51 Class Trends
Mr. Conrad P. Hedderich, Valkyrie Enterprises LLC

1620-1645 Combat Systems
Mr. Tim Tenopir, NSWC Port Hueneme

1645-1730 Reception in Exhibit Area

1645-1900 Offsite Exhibitor Demonstrations

Wednesday, June 26

0700-1700 Registration Open

0715-0800 Continental Breakfast

0715-1500 Exhibit Hall Open

0800-0805 Administrative Remarks
Mr. Dave Zilber, 3M Defense

0805-0900 Keynote
RADM Richard Berkey, USN; Fleet Maintenance Officer, Fleet Forces Command

0900-0930 Shipbuilder Perspective
Mr. Glenn Clement, Huntington Ingalls Industries

0930-1030 Break

1030-1200 Flag Officers Panel
Moderator: RADM Joseph Campbell, USN (Ret.); American Systems

RADM Robert O. Wray, Jr., USN; President, INSURV
RDML Mark R. Whitney, USN; Deputy Commander, Logistics, Maintenance and Industrial Operations, SEA-04
1200-1300 Lunch in Exhibit Hall

1300-1430 Concurrent Technical Session 5
Moderator: Dave Zilber, 3M Defense

NAVSEA Coating Technical Warrant Holder Update
Mark Ingle (NAVSEA)
Paint Center of Excellence
Mark Ingle (NAVSEA)
NSRP Surface Preparations & Coatings Panel Update
Steve Cogswell (BAE Southeast Shipyards)
1300-1430 Concurrent Technical Session 6
Moderator: John Mangano, International Paint LLC

Electronic Underwater Thickness Inspections on Navy Ships: Using Technology to Achieve Precise, Measurable, and Repeatable Results
Peter LeHardy (Phoenix International Holdings, Inc)
Active Corrosion Monitoring – Successful Case Studies
Miguel A. Gonzalez (MISTRAS Group, Inc.)
It’s Not Just Brush Plating Anymore - No-Drip Electrochemical Processing
Alan Rose (Corrdesa LLC)
1430-1500 Break

1500-1630 Concurrent Technical Session 7
Moderator: Tony Eng, NAVSSES

Ship Corrosion Control Tool Program Update
Dave Zilber (3M Defense)
An Innovative Universal Primer to Reduce Operational Costs, Coating Complexity and Improve Environmental Footprint
John Mangano (International Paint LLC)
Naval Shipyard Paint and Preservation Initiatives for Reduced Total Ownership Cost
Mark Braza (NAVSEA)
1500-1630 Concurrent Technical Session 8
Moderator: Mark Schultz, Sherwin-Williams

Embedded Multi-modal Monitoring for Propulsion Shaft Integrity
Conrad Andrews (Luna Innovations Inc.)
Chrome-Free Coatings to Combat Corrosion in Sensitized 5xxx Aluminum Alloys
Adam Goff (Luna Innovations Inc.)
Innovative Corrosion Solution
Ed Hall (Oxifree)
1630 Symposium Concludes

Thursday, June 27

0800 - 1100 NSRP SPC Panel Meeting (By Invitation Only)

0800 - 1200 Surface KSN Meeting (By Invitation Only)