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Mega Rust 2016

Dates: June 21-23, 2016
Location: San Diego Marriott Mission Valley
Theme: Corrosion Impact on the Warfighter

Mega Rust 2016 Committee Chair
Mr. John Mangano, International Paint LLC

Mega Rust is conducted annually to provide a consolidated focus on Navy corrosion issues. Corrosion is a major factor in the readiness and total ownership cost of naval systems and this conference is intended to provide updated information on programs, policies, standards and Fleet experience related to corrosion and to promote discussion and sharing of information on technologies and strategies for controlling corrosion.

The conference provides an impartial forum for dialogue between government and commercial organizations, and providers of coatings and corrosion control products, processes, technologies and solutions. Participants include representatives from military, industry, and government organizations involved with research and development, design, engineering, construction, maintenance, modernization and operation of naval systems that are potentially affected by corrosion. The conference covers all segments of the naval services including sea, air, Marine Corps, vehicles, and facilities.

Just Announced

We are thrilled to announce an Aviation In-Service Perspectives Panel which will present 3 different approaches to managing corrosion of military aircraft during sustainment, as managed by the Air Force Corrosion Prevention and Control Office (AFCPCO), the Army Aviation and Missile Command Corrosion Program Office (AMCOM CPO), and the Navy In-Service Support Centers (ISSC).  Panel members will present their office’s roles and responsibilities for aircraft sustainment and progress of several recent initiatives. Further, panel members will be available to field questions from the audience to compare and contrast the different military service’s approaches to corrosion prevention and control and to glean lessons learned from fellow services.

Navy Approved

Read the Navy approval letter here.


Please contact ASNE at megarust@navalengineers.org or (703) 836-6727.