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MegaRust 2014 - Agenda

Tuesday, June 24

0800-1200 CCAT Meeting (By Invitation Only)
Mr. Jim Wigle (NSWC-CD)

0900-1200 Tabletop Displays at Southwest Regional Maintenance Center (SWRMC)

1000-1200 Introducing Products to DoD Utilizing Specifications and Standards
Mr. Tony Eng, NAVSSES

1300-1800 Exhibitor Set-Up

1300-1430 Concurrent Technical Session 1
Moderator: Dave Zilber, 3M

1300-1330: Oshkosh Finishing Services
Robert Pilzak, Alex Hittle (Oshkosh)
1330-1400: Nano Based Top Coating – Reluctance to Change
Greg Ingle (Applied Technology Intl)
1400-1430: Remotely Operated Climber for Tank and Bilge Maintenance
Mark Braza (NAVSEA 04)
1300-1430 Concurrent Technical Session 2
Moderator: John Mangano, International Paint

1300-1330: Environmentally-preferable Coatings for Structural Steel in a Marine Environment
Pattie Lewis (NASA)
1330-1400: Enhancing Navy Shipboard Corrosion Control Using Proven Long-Term Surface Tolerant Primers
John Griffin (Grace Distributing)
1400-1430: Use of Novel Corrosion Inhibitors in Coatings to Protect Marine Grade Aluminum
Jeannine Elliott (TDA Research)
1430-1500 Break

1500-1700 Concurrent Technical Session 3
Moderator: Glenn Hofert, QED Systems

1500-1530: Changing Corrosion Control Culture
George Keller
1530-1600: New Corrosion Control Methods Using Air Tools
Dave Zilber (3M)
1600-1630: Peel & Stick Nonskid Program Update
Dave Zilber (3M)
1630-1700: Dry Ice Blasting Process for Cleaning, Preservation Prep
Karen Bruer (Amee Bay)
1500-1700 Concurrent Technical Session 4
Moderator: Tony Eng, NAVSSES

1500-1530: Responsibly Managing Hexavalent Chromium (Cr+6) during “Deckplate” Corrosion Prevention
Vinay Gadkari (Battelle)
1530-1600: Alternative to Nitric Acid for Passivation of Stainless Steel Alloys
Pattie Lewis (NASA)
1600-1630: Cable and Termination Weatherproofing
John Welsh (3M)
1400-1800 Registration Open

1500-1600 CCIMS CCB (Invitation Only)
(Corrosion Control Information Management System - Configurational Control Board)

Wednesday, June 25

0700-0800 Continental Breakfast

0800-0810 Welcome
CAPT Glenn Ashe, USN (Ret), President, ASNE

0810-0820 Administrative Remarks
Mr. Dave Zilber, Mega Rust 2014 Chairman

0820-0830 Navy Corrosion Executive Remarks
Mr. Matt Koch, Corrosion Control and Prevention Executive

0830-0835 OSD Corrosion Policy and Oversight Remarks
Mr. Dan Dunmire, Director, OSD Corrosion Policy and Oversight

0835-0850 NAVSEA Remarks
Mr. Beau Brinckerhoff, NAVSEA

0850-0905 U.S. Pacific Fleet, Fleet Maintenance Staff Remarks
Mr. Mike Bresnan, PACFLT N43 (Technical Programs)

0905-0940 TYCOM Updates
Mr. Stuart Morgan, SURFPAC
LCDR Steve Gilbert, SURFLANT

0940-1000 Combat Systems
Mr. Tim Tenopir, NSWC-PHD

1000-1045 Break

1045-1200 Waterfront Perspectives Panel
Moderator: CDR Bill Partington, CNSP N43

Dave Sparkuhl, San Diego Lead Combatants Port Engineer
Ron Spano, CNS,L USS MESA VERDE (LPD 19) Port Engineer
CWO3 Gabriel Perez, CNAP N43
ETCS John O'Dell, CNSP N43 (3M, AMPHIB and Combatant experience)
BMC Matt Dill, USS Scout (MCM 8)
1200-1330 Lunch in Exhibit Hall

1330-1420 Joint Government and Industry Discussion and Breakout Tasking
Moderator: Dave Zilber, 3M Defense

1420-1500 Dessert Break in Exhibit Hall

1500-1615 Government (TYCOM/CNRMC) and Industry (NSRP) Breakouts

1620-1700 Discussion and Generation of Action Items from Breakouts

1630-1830 Live Exhibitor Demonstrations

1700-1930 Beer Tasting Reception in Exhibit Hall

Thursday, June 26

0715-0800 Continental Breakfast in Exhibit Hall

0800-0805 Administrative Remarks
Mr. Dave Zilber, 3M Defense

0805-0900 Keynote Speaker
VADM Thomas Copeman, USN; Commander, Surface Forces, U.S. Pacific Fleet (Confirmed)

0900-0905 Presentation of the 2014 Hileman Award

In 2011, the Hileman Award was established in honor of Mr. Don Hileman for his lifetime contributions to naval corrosion control and the Mega Rust initiative. It is presented annually to an individual who has made exceptional contributions to naval corrosion control.

0905-1030 Flag Officers Panel
Moderator: VADM William Hilarides, USN; Commander, NAVSEA (Confirmed)

RADM David Gale, USN; PEO Ships (Confirmed)
RDML Alma Grocki, USN; Fleet Maintenance Officer, U.S. Pacific Fleet (Confirmed)
CAPT Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper, USN; Commander, Southwest Regional Maintenance Center (Confirmed)
1030-1110 Break

1110-1145 Industry Perspective
Mr. George Murphy, Coatings Deputy Program Manager, NASSCO - Earl Industries

1145-1300 Lunch in the Exhibit Hall

1300-1430 Concurrent Technical Session 5
Moderator: Beau Brinckerhoff, NAVSEA

1300-1330: NAVSEA Coating Technical Warrant Holder Update
Mark Ingle (NAVSEA)
1330-1400: Paint Center of Excellence
Mark Lattner (NAVSEA)
1400-1430: Polisiloxane Coatings Lessons and Management
Dr. Erick Iezzi (NRL)
1300-1430 Concurrent Technical Session 6
Moderator: Joe Luckard, CommSolGlobal, LLC

1300-1330: Nonskid Update
Damien Ranero (NSWC-CD)
1330-1400: Corrosion Removal and Evolution of Surface Cleanliness/Anchor Profile
Robert Stango (Marqutte University)
1400-1430: Flange Encapsulation System
Ivan Odaz (Belzona)
1430-1500 Break

1500-1630 Concurrent Technical Session 7
Moderator: CDR Bill Partington, USN

1500-1530: Naval Shipyard Paint and Preservation Initiatives for Reduced Total Ownership Cost
Mark Braza (NAVSEA)
1530-1600: NSRP Surface Preparations & Coatings Panel Update
Arcino Quiero (HII-NNS)
1600-1630: Creating a Business Case Analysis to Optimize Maintenance Painting
Pete Ault (Elzly Technology)
1500-1630 Concurrent Technical Session 8
Moderator: Mark Schultz, Sherwin-Williams

1500-1530: CCAT Update
Jim Wigle (NSWC-CD)
1530-1600: Design of a Multi-Segmented Magnetic Robot for Hull Inspection
Narek Pezeshkian (SPAWAR)
1600-1630: Cost of Corrosion Analysis: Assessing the Cost of Corrosion across the Availability Cycle
Evan Parson (Vision Point Systems)
1630 Conference Concludes