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MegaRust 2015 - Agenda

Day 1: TUESDAY, June 23

0800-1200 CCAT Meeting (By Invitation Only)
Mr. Jim Wigle (NSWC-CD)

0800-1200 NSCG
Ms. Anita Adams and Ms. Martha Bowman

0800-1200 USCG Meeting (By Invitation Only)
Ms. Jennifer Louzon

0800-1700 SSPC Class

0800-1200 NSRP SPC Panel Meeting (SPC Panel Members)

0830-1230 Continuing Education Course - Shipboard Corrosion

1000-1200 Introducing Products to DoD Using Specifications and Standards
Mr. Tony Eng, NAVSSES

1200-1800 Registration Open

1245-1300 Opening Remarks
Mr. Dave Zilber, Mega Rust 2015 Chairman

1300-1800 Exhibitor Set-Up

1300-1430 Concurrent Technical Session 1
Moderator: Mr. Dave Zilber, Mega Rust 2015 Chairman

1300-1330: CCAM Rev 3 Overview / CCIMS
Joel Korzun
1330-1400: Combat Systems Update
Tim Tenopir
1400-1430: Air Balancing is more than a building science
Mr. David Simkins (Polygon US Corporation)
1300-1430 Concurrent Technical Session 2
Moderator: Mr. John Mangano, International Paint

1300-1330: SSPC Update
Mr. Mike Damiano
1330-1400: Demonstrations and Qualification Testing of a Rollable/Sprayable Siloxane
Mr. Erick B. Iezzi (Naval Research Lab)
1400-1430: Polysiloxane Topcoats
Mr. Pete Ault
1300-1430 Concurrent Technical Session 3
Moderator: TBA

1300-1330: Mobile Inspection Solution for Corrosion
Mr. Randy Korthals (Pk Technologies)
1400-1430: Corrosion Inspection Techniques with the LPT-S2 Sub-Coating Inspection Instrument
Mr. Austin Ziltz (Laser & Plasma Technologies)
1330-1900 S-CAT CCIMS (Invitation Only)
(Corrosion Control Information Management System)
Mr. Joel Korzun, CPA

1430-1500 Break
Sponsored By:

1500-1700 Concurrent Technical Session 4
Moderator: Mr. Brian McClain, SURFLANT

1500-1530: CCAT
Mr. Jim Wigle, NSWC-CD
1530-1600: NAVAIR CPT
Mr. Randy Boatright
1600-1630: USMC CST
Mr. Bernie Friend
1630-1700: C5I CCAT
Mr. Bill Hogge
1500- 1700 Concurrent Technical Session 5
Moderator: Mr. Tony Eng, NAVSSES

1500-1530: Composite Materials Components for Reduced Maintenance and Total Ownership Cost
Dr. Maureen Foley, Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division
1530-1600: Navy Ship Wet Spaces – Composite Modular Showers to Eliminate Corrosion
Mr. Robert Brushaber (Texas Research Institute Austin, Inc.)
1600-1630: Additive Friction Stir A novel technique for corrosion resist coatings
Dr. Jianqing Su (Aeroprobe Corporation)
1630-1700: Role of Migratory Corrosion Inhibitors for Protecting Embedded and Exposed Steel
Mr. Robert Walde (Surtreat Holding, LLC/ USACOE)
1500- 1700 Concurrent Technical Session 6
Moderator: Mr. Tim Tenopir

1500-1530: Degree of Sensitization (DoS) Probe for 5XXX Aluminum Alloys
Mr. Ryan Dunn (ElectraWatch, Inc.)
1530-1600: Embedded Monitoring System for Aluminum Alloy Sensitization
Mr. Kevin M. Farinholt (Luna Innovations, Inc.)
1600-1630: Surface Tolerant Emergency Repair Material
Mr. Mehmet B. Ozturan (Belzona)
1630-1700: Embedded Wireless Corrosion Detection Technology
Mr. Jeff Banks (Applied Research Lab, Penn State University)


0700-1700 Registration Open

0700-0800 Continental Breakfast
Sponsored By:

0800-0810 Welcome
CAPT Glenn Ashe, USN (Ret), President, ASNE

0810-0820 Administrative Remarks
Mr. Dave Zilber, Mega Rust 2015 Chairman

0820-0835 OSD Corrosion Policy and Oversight Remarks
Mr. Dan Dunmire, Director, OSD Corrosion Policy and Oversight

0835-0850 NAVSEA Materials Division Remarks
Mr. Beau Brinckerhoff, NAVSEA

0850-0920 The Carrier Perspective
Ray Vickers & Josh Elliott, CNAL

0920-1000 SURFMEPP Update
CAPT Michael Malone, USN

1000-1045 Break

1000-1730 Exhibit Hall Grand Opening and Coffee Break
Sponsored by:

1045-1200 Fleet Perspectives Panel
Moderator: Brian McClain

1200-1330 Lunch in Exhibit Hall
Sponsored by:

1330-1420 Keynote Speaker
RDML Bryant Fuller, USN; NAVSEA Chief Engineer (Confirmed)

1420-1500 Dessert Break in Exhibit Hall
Sponsored by:

1500-1700 Nonskid Working Group
Mr. Mark Ingle

1500-1630 Corrosion Control "Jeopardy"
Hosted by Mr. Andy Vasquez, CNRMC

1500-1800 Live Exhibitor Demonstrations
Mr. Mark Schultz, Demos Chairman

1800-1930 Beer Tasting Reception in Exhibit Hall
Sponsored by:


0700-1700 Registration Open

0715-0800 Continental Breakfast in Exhibit Hall
Sponsored by:

0715-1500 Exhibit Hall Open

0800-0805 Administrative Remarks
Mr. John Magano, Mega Rust 2015 Vice Chairman

0805-0900 Keynote Speaker
RDML Michael E. Smith, USN; President, INSURV (Confirmed)

0900-0945 SYSCOM Speaker
Mr. James Smerchansky, Executive Director, MARCORSYSCOM (Confirmed)

0945-1030 Break in the Exhibit Hall
Sponsored by:

1030-1035 Presentation of the 2015 Hileman Award

In 2011, the Hileman Award was established in honor of Mr. Don Hileman for his lifetime contributions to naval corrosion control and the Mega Rust initiative. It is presented annually to an individual who has made exceptional contributions to naval corrosion control.

1035-1200 Flag Officers Panel
Moderator: RDML Jim McManamon, USN (Ret.)

RADM Richard Berkey, USN; CFFC N43 (Confirmed)
RDML William Galinis, USN; CNRMC (Invited)
Mr. James Smerchansky, Executive Director, MARCORSYSCOM (Invited)
RDML Lawrence Creevy, USN; SEA 21 (Confirmed)
RDML Michael E. Smith, USN; INSURV (Confirmed)
1200-1300 Lunch in the Exhibit Hall

1300-1430 NAVSEA Technical Warrant Holder Briefs
Moderator: Mr. Mark Schultz, Sherwin Williams

1300-1345 NAVSEA Coating Technical Warrant Holder Update
Mr. Mark Ingle, NAVSEA
1345-1430 Paint Center of Excellence
Mr. Mark Lattner, NAVSEA
1300-1430 SYSCOM Presentations
Moderator: tbd

1300-1330 NAVAIR Acquisition Challenges and Opportunities
Mr. Dave Hanson
1330-1400 NAVAIR Corrosion NDI Tools and Emerging Technologies
Dr. Jay Waterman
Mr. Mark Lattner, NAVSEA
1400-1430 USMC
Mr. Andrew Sheetz
1430-1500 Break in the Exhibit Hall
Sponsored by:

1500-1630 Concurrent Technical Session 7
Moderator: TBD

1500-1530: Nonskid
Mr. Mark Ingle
1530-1600: SURFLANT Update
CDR Shaner
1600-1630: Peel & Stick Nonskid Program Update
Mr. Dave Zilber, 3M
1500-1630 Concurrent Technical Session 8
Mr. Mark Schultz, Sherwin-Williams

1500-1530: 160th SOAR
1530-1600: New Tools and Processes for Tank Cleaning and Surface Prep using Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) Waterjet
Mr. Charles Tricou (Applied Research Lab, Penn State University)
1500-1630: Corrosion Forecasting with Empirical Multi-State Models
Ms. Melissa Rost (Georgia Tech Research Institute)
1630 Conference Concludes