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Reducing the cost of surface preparation while complying with new regulations 

Brad Gooden 

Abrasive Blasting as it is still the most commonly used form of Surface Preparation in the Marine Protective Coatings market. We’re seeing the cost of Abrasive Blasting projects going up through increasing wages, tougher environmental and safety standards, but at the same time the facility owner/end user is wanting the job done at a lower cost. This presentation will focus on key areas that affect the cost of Abrasive Blasting and how Shipyards and Contractors can actually lower their costs of Surface Preparation and comply with the rising environmental and safety standards. Key Points • Calculating the total cost of blasting • 5 ways to reduce the cost of blasting • How to comply with environmental and safety standards cost effectively Conclusions Tougher safety and environmental regulations are good for the workers and country, and can actually be good for the company’s (employers) as well. By making smart choices when it comes to Abrasive Blasting projects, you can comply and lower your cost of surface prep at the same time.