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Test and Evaluation of Thermal Spray Nonslip Coatings for Marine Environments 

Cameron Miller, NRL; Patrick Cassidy, Elzly; John Wegand, NRL; James Tagert, NRL; Justin Dolph, Elzly; Paul Slebodnick, NRL 

The U.S. Navy requires a longer lasting nonskid/nonslip coating system for shipboard service to support current and future operating parameters. Thermal spray coating systems were identified as alternative candidate materials to replace conventional epoxy technology in light of many intrinsic material properties related to these operating parameters. Twin wire arc spray was selected as the method of application based on literature and industry review for the optimum field application technology; wire selection was determined by industry performance review and via a Government information request. The wire systems selected consisted of two coats, the first coat to provide corrosion protection with the second coat providing the anti-slip properties. Seven different thermal spray wire candidates underwent a battery of laboratory and field performance testing to determine the most promising candidate(s) for shipboard assessment. Testing included fatigue, bend, impact resistance, wear resistance, chemical immersion, cyclic accelerated corrosion exposure, adhesion and electrochemical analysis. The results showed that two aluminum alloy wires met all the desired characteristics for the desired coating system. The selection and application of these alloys may be applicable to any industry that requires a long lasting nonskid /nonslip coating (e.g., offshore oil and commercial shipping).