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ASNE is a non-federal entity (NFE) and is not a part of or endorsed by NSWCDD, DoD, or any of its components. 

Exhibits are not part of any DoD or NSWCDD endorsement of this event.  Exhibit and Sponsorship opportunities presented concurrent to the MEAII symposium are separate and distinct from the conference, wholly the responsibility of ASNE, and are presented, operated and executed without endorsement, support, or other relationship to, by or for NSWCDD, the Navy, or the Department of Defense.

Mission Engineering and Analysis, and Integration and Interoperability 2017

Dates: 25 Apr 2017 - 26 Apr 2017


Day 1 - University of Mary Washington, Dahlgren Campus - UNCLASSIFIED

Day 2 - Aegis BMD Facility, Dahlgren, VA - CLASSIFIED  

Registration for the event does not guarantee access to the second day.  Visit authorization requests must be submitted for the 2nd day.

Visit Authorization Requests/Letters (VAR/VAL) for 2nd/classified day April 26th

All incoming VARs for Dahlgren shall be sent to the Security Operations Center / Dahlgren via JPAS (SMO CODE DDAAUD) or fax: (540) 663 - 6472 at MDA AB, Dahlgren, VA. POCs for the event are either Deltra Davis at 540-663-1888 or Jacqueline Brice at 540-663-1860; email: MDAvisitorcontrolincomingDLG@MDA.mil

Symposium Attire:

Attendees: Business Casual / Navy Working Uniform or service equivalent
Presenters (Non-military): Business Attire
Presenters (Military): Khaki or service equivalent