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ASNE Reconfiguration and Survivability
Symposium 2005 (RS 2005)

Sea Turtle Inn, Atlantic Beach, Florida
(Jacksonville/Mayport area)

February 16-18, 2005
Wednesday, 16 February
Registration Open
Authors' Breakfast

Plenary Session

Dave Cartes, Symposium Chairman

Introduction of Speaker:
CAPT Dennis K. Kruse, USN (Ret.)
Executive Director, ASNE

Keynote Speaker
VADM James F. Amerault, USN (Ret.)
Vice President, Fleet Support, JJMA, Inc.

Invited Panel Session
Moderator: Scott Sudoff

Dr. Ed Zivi

United States Naval Academy
Dr. Mogens Blanke
Technical University of Denmark
Dr. Mike Grimble
University of Strathclyde
Dr. Asgeir Sorensen
The Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Dr. Alf Kåre Ådnanes(Co-author)

Panel Session I
U.S. Navy/Coast Guard Program Manager Panel
Moderator: CAPT Norbert A. Doerry, USN
Deputy Director, Future Concepts & Surface Ship Design (NAVSEA 05DB)

CAPT Kenneth V. Spiro, Jr., USN
Program Manager, Cruiser Modernization (PMS 400C)
CAPT John D. Ingram, Jr., USN
Program Manager, Destroyer Shipbuilding (PMS 400D)
CAPT Brian K. Antonio, USN
Ship Design Manager, CVN-21 (SEA 05DC)
CAPT Douglas G. Russell, USCG
Program Manager, Deepwater Systems Integration (Invited)

Panel Session II
Navy Type Commander/ Requirements Panel
Moderator: CAPT Lawrence R. Baun, USN
Commanding Officer, NSWC-CD SSES

CAPT Joseph A. Sychterz, III, USN
Ship Maintenance N43, COMNAVAIRLANT
CAPT Shawn Tallant, USN
Future Requirements N82, COMNAVAIRLANT
CAPT James G. Green, USN
Ship Maintenance N43, COMNAVSURFLANT
Ms. Betsy Delong
Program Manager, NAVSEA Surface Technology Program
Reception & Demonstrations

Panel Session III
Navy Operating Fleet Panel (HSVX2, Optimal Manning, Smartship Experience)
Moderator: CAPT Stephen D. Metz, USN
Fleet Maintenance Liaison Officer (NAVSEA 05N)

CDR Durante Footman, USN
CDR Clark Price, USN
Commanding Officer, HSVX2 SWIFT
LCDR Mike Roer, USCG
former Engineer Officer, USCG JUNIPER (WLB 201)
CWO4 Derrick Johnson, USCG
Engineer Officer, USCGC HOLLYHOCK (WLB 214)
LCDR Hugh McLeod, USN
Executive Officer, USS DEWITT (FFG 45)
former Engineer Officer, USS HUE CITY (CG 66)
GSCS E. Mike Bearden, USN (Ret.)
Smart Ship Program, PEO Ships PMR Rep Mayport
GSCS William Knipper, USN (Ret.)
PMR Rep Mayport
Reception, Discussion & Demonstrations

Thursday, 17 February
Registration Open
Authors' Breakfast
Paper Session I - Ship Design
Moderator: A. Seman

Design Features for Survivability of High Speed Ships
J. Hill, B. Steinberg, C.Campbell

Survivable Architectures for Vital Systems
J. Hill

Automated Maintenance Management and Asset Readiness System (AMMARS) Systems Engineering Maintenance Automation for the Navy After Next
A. Seman

Moderator: C. Whitcomb

Specifying and Assessing Survivability in Early Stage Ship Design
J. Glaeser, R. Steinberg

Remote Testing and Measurement of Power Systems
K. Miu, V. Ajjarapu, K. Butler-Purry, D. Niebur, C. Nwankpa, N. Schultz, A. Stakovic

LHA(R)FLT0 Trade Study 270 Vdc Trade Study
G. Engstrom
Simulation and Emulation
Moderator: R. Youngs

A Framework For Mission-based Interdisciplinary Reconfiguration For Navy Ships
K. Tam, K. Russel, R.Broadwater

Laboratory Development Platform Simulation of the Ex-USS Peterson Automatic Fire Suppression System
J. Roach

Dynamic Response Analysis for Electric Drive Propulsion Systems on Navy Ships
D. Bagley, R. Youngs
Moderator: N. Doerry

Zonal Ship Design
N. Doerry

A Producibility Review of the Contingency Producibile Corvette and an Alternative Producibilty Design
C. Bruno, T. Lamb

Producibility Impact of Multimission Modular Cells and Outfit Zones in Naval Ships
K. Scheibach, T. Lamb

Paper Session II - Control Automation

System Perspectives
Moderator: K. Lively

Power Anomaly Effects and Costs in Low-Voltage Mobile Power Systems
C. Singer, S. Liu, R. Dougal

Integrated Engineering Plant
J. Walks, J. Mearman

Mission Based Engineering Plant Control
K. Drew, D. Scheidt, K. Lively

Moderator: K. Russell

An Interoperable Agent-based Control System for Survivable Shipboard Automation
F. Maturana, R. Staron, F. Discenzo, D. Scheidt, M. Pekala, J.
Bracy, and M. Zink

Energy Metric for Platform Systems Resource Management and Survivability Analysis
D. Bagley, R. Youngs

Rethinking Survivability Automation from a Reduced Manning Reconfiguration Centered Point of View
K. Russell, R. Broadwater

Moderator: K. Butler

Integrated Protection and Reconfiguration Design for the All-Electric Ship
Y. Gong, N. Schulz

Self-Healing Shipboard Electric Power Systems
K. Butler

Energy Management System with Automatic Reconfiguration for Electric Shipboard Power Systems
S. Ganesh, K. Schoder, H. Lai, A. Al-Hinai, A. Feliachi

Moderator: D. Scheidt

Methodology for Predicting Recoverability
C. Campbell, D. Starbuck

Model-based Diagnosis for Fluid Control Systems
M. Pekala, D. Scheidt, J. Bracy

Reconfiguration Control with Energy and Time Constraints: A Model Predictive Control Approach
S. Chen, J. Sun


Keynote Speaker
Katherine Drew, ONR

Demonstrations/Exhibit Hall
Paper Session III - Electric Ship Research & Development Consortium (ESRDC)

Power Systems I
Moderator: R. Hebner
Asst Moderator: K. Davey

Approaches to Shipboard Power Management
C. Meek, K. Davey, D. Tucker, B. Shutt, R. Hebner

Autonomous Control of Dispersed Generation in Unbalanced Three Phase Distribution Systems
Noel Schulz

A Harmonic Selective Shunt Active Filter Using an Adaptive Control Method
L. Qian, D. Cartes, H. Li

Power Systems II
Moderator: S. Dale
Asst Moderator: S. Leeb

Optimized Restoration of Shipboard Power Systems with IPS Architecture and Distributed Generation
N. Schulz

Non-Intrusive Monitoring for Condition-Based Maintenance
B. Greene, S. Leeb, T. McCoy, J. Ramsey, J. Paris, T. DeNucci

Experimental Design for Remote Hardware-In-the-Loop Testing
N. Schulz

Agent-Based Implementations II
Moderator: D. Cartes
Asst Moderator: S. Srivatsava

A System Reconfiguration Strategy For Shipboard Power Systems Using Multi-Agent Systems
N. Schulz

A Novel Algorithm for Reconfiguration of Shipboard
Ring-structured Power System using Multi-Agent System

K. Huang, D. Cartes, S. Srivastava

A Novel Architecture for Power Quality Monitoring
Based on Multi-Agent Systems Theory

Y. Liu, S. Srivastava, D. Cartes

Modeling and Simulation
Moderator: R. Dougal
Asst Moderator: A. Monti

Simulation Environment for Performance Assessment of
Reconfiguration Controls in Zonal Systems

E. Solodovnik, R. Dougal, A. Monti

CORBA Implementation for Interfacing Software
Agents with Virtual Test Bed

G. Morejon, L. Sun, D. Cartes

Simulation Evaluation of Reconfiguration Strategies
S. Woodruff

Paper Session IV - Application and Development

Current Developments
Moderator: M. Zink

Reconfiguring Damaged Systems at the Device Level
M. Zink

Casualty Power Reconfiguration Assistant
J. O’Mara, C. Oosthuizen, J. Soliday, D. Jaworowski

The Application of Machine Vision to Shipboard Damage Control
W. Zhao, K. Hanna, D. Schreder

Shipboard Applications
Moderator: R. Moore

Shipboard Applications of Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring
J. Ramsey, S. Leeb, J. Paris, T. DeNucci

Automated Common Diagrams
K. Corso, R. Lewis, M. Vandroff, R. Wiersteiner

CVN 21 Reconfigurable Command and Decision Centers
J. Lamb, R. Moore, J. Downey

Power Systems
Moderator: T. Fikse

Solid-State Power Switches for Source Transfer and Load Protective Functions
Y. Khersonsky, C. Mak, M. Zahzah

Common Commercial-Off-The-Shelf High Power Electronic Modules for Naval Applications
T. Fikse

Zonal Electrical Distribution System Voltage Stability Study
P. Tahopoulos

Moderator: D. Cox

Demonstrating Re-configuration of Electrical Systems at the Electric Ship Technology Demonstrator
D. Mattick, M. Butcher

Testbed for Modular Reconfigurable Actuator Systems
D. Cox

Experience Gained from a Decade of DC Zonal Electric Distribution System (DC ZEDS) Testing
N. Hiller, J. Yuen, T. Fikse, R. Ashton

Friday, 18 February
Tour at Mayport Naval Station hosted by
American Society of Naval Engineers' Jacksonville Section