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Ships & Ship Systems Technology (S3T) Symposium - Agenda

13-14 November 2006
Maritime Technology Information Center (Bldg 40)
Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division
9500 MacArthur Blvd.
West Bethesda, MD 20817-5700
Information (301) 227-1500

“Change, Challenges & Constants”


0700 Registration

0800 Call-to-Order: S3T Symposium Program Committee Chairman – Mr. David Byers

0805 Welcome: Commander, Carderock Division, NSWC – CAPT Mark Thomas, USN
& ASNE President – CAPT Richard Hepburn, USN (Ret.)

0810 Introductory Remarks & Keynote Speaker Introduction: Ships & Ship Systems (S3)
Product Area Director (PAD), Mr. Charles (Randy) Reeves

0825 Keynote Speech: Dr. Delores Etter, Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research,
Development & Acquisition (ASN(RD&A))

0905 Break
Exhibits Open

0930 Session 1 – Ship Integration & Design
0930 Opening Remarks: Mr. Jeffrey Hough, Moderator
0935 Ship Integration & Design Overview: Mr. C. F. Snyder, Core Equity Leader
0945 “Modeling of an Integrated Reconfigurable Intelligent System (IRIS) for Ship
Design” (Ms. Kristin Kelly, Mr. Ryan Hughes, Mr. Neil Weston, & Mr. Dimitri Mavris)
1005 "ABS’ Approach to the Human Factors Engineering Element of Human Systems Integration"
(Dr. Kevin McSweeney, CPE, and Ms. Denise McCafferty)
1025 "Unmanned Sea Surface Vehicle Technology Development" (Dr. Robert Brizzolara,
Mr. Will Sokol, Dr. Joseph Corrado, Mr. Scott Littlefield)

1050 Break

1110 Session 2 – Structures & Materials
1110 Opening Remarks: Dr. Erik Rasmussen, Moderator
1115 Structures & Materials Overview: Mr. Stephen Roush, Core Equity Leader
1125 “Hybrid Composite and Metallic Hulls - Stealth, Strength. And Durability”
(Dr. Roshdy George S. Barsoum)
1145 "Aperstructures-A Structurally Integrated Self-Collimating Photonic Crystal
and Antenna" (Mr. Joseph Krycia, Mr. Paul Ransom, & Ms. Lisa Copley)
1205 “Dynamic Failure for Composite Ship Structures” (Mr. Douglas Lesar, Mr. J. Gielen,
Mr. D. Loup, & Mr. W. Trouwborst)


1230 Lunch (available for purchase from the cafeteria)

1415 Session 3 – Hull Forms & Propulsors

1415 Opening Remarks: Mr. William Day, Moderator
1425 Hull Forms & Propulsors Overview: Dr. In-Young Koh, Core Equity Leader
1435 “Composite High Speed Vessel: Study of Lifting Body Technology” (Dr. John Hackett,
Ms. Jessica Calix St. Pierre, Mr. Marc Levadou, & CDR Todd Peltzer, USN (Ret.) PE)
1455 “Development of an Advanced Ship Simulation & Control System Using Neural
Networks“ (Dr. David Hess, Dr. William Faller, Mr. Jonghyuk Lee, Dr. Thomas Fu, &
Dr. Edward Ammeen)
1515 “State of the Art Performance Plots for High Speed, High Performance Vessels”
(Mr. Carl Casamassina, Mr. Gabor Karafiath, Dr. Colen Kennell, and Mr. Donald
1535 “Measurement and Characterization of Full-Scale Ship Waves “
(Dr. Thomas Fu, Mr. James Rice, Mr. Eric Terrill, Mr. Don Walker & Ms. Genevieve Lada)

1600 Break

1615 Session 4 - The Art of Physical Ship Modeling

1615 Opening Remarks: Mr. Terrence Applebee, Moderator
1620 “Development of the Autonomous Submarine Model “ (Mr. Samuel J. Cubbage)
1640 “The Advanced Electric Ship Demonstrator: a Test Platform for the Next Navy”
(Mr. William Martin, Mr. Stephen Schreppler, & Mr. James King)
1700 “The Role of Physical Scale Models in the Design of Ship Degaussing Systems in
the Age of Computer Modeling” (Mr. William Gay & Mr. Robert Wingo)

1725 End-of-Day Announcements: Mr. David Byers

1730 Adjourn to Social

1735 Social

1830 End of Social
Exhibits Close


0800 Registration

0900 Call-to-order: Chairman - Mr. David Byers
Exhibits Open

0905 Session 5 – Machinery Systems

0905 Opening Remarks: Dr. William Luebke, Moderator
0910 Machinery Systems Overview: Ms. Patricia Woody, Core Equity Leader
0920 "Application of Web-Topology to Enhance Survivability of the Integrated Power System
in an All-Electric Ship” (Dr. Svetlana Poroseva, Mr. Stephen Woodruff & Mr. M.Yousuff Hussaini)
0940 “Virtual Environment in Design of Navy Machinery Spaces” (Mr. Patrick Violante &
Dr. Kimberly Drake)
1000 “Features of an All-Electric Ship System Employing HTS Motors and Generators”
(Dr. Swarn S. Kalsi)

1025 Break

1045 Optional Tours Begin

1230 Lunch (available for purchase from cafeteria)

1400 Optional Tours End
Exhibits close


1400 Session 7 – Capstone Panel

1400 Introduction of Capstone Panel Moderator by
Dr. Joseph Corrado, S3T Steering Committee Chairman
1405 Opening Remarks & Introduction of Panel: RDML Charles Goddard, USN
Deputy Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command, Moderator
CAPT Norbert Doerry, NAVSEA 05DB
Dr. Clark Graham, Northrop-Grumman Corp.
Mr. Brian Persons, PEO Carriers
Dr. John Pazik, ONR
1415 Presentations by Session Moderators
1445 Statements by Panel Members
1515 Questions from Audience & Responses by Panel
1550 Closing Remarks & Introduction of Randy Reeves & RDML Charles Goddard, USN

1600 Summary Remarks: S3 PAD, Mr. Randy Reeves

1615 Adjourn