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Tug and Salvage Technology Symposium 2009 - Agenda

Thursday, 29 January 2009

0630 Registration

0800 Welcome - CAPT Robert G. Wasalaski, USN (Ret.), Symposium Chair BIO
CAPT Dennis K. Kruse, USN (Ret.) ASNE Executive Director BIO

0810 Keynote Address - Mr. Jonathan D. Kaskin, OPNAV, Director, Strategic Mobility/Combat Logistics Division (N42) BIO

Mr. James "Jim" George, Director for Military Sealift Command Logistics

0845 Notional Design Parameters: Submarine Rescue Diving and Recompression System (SRDRS) -Vessels of Opportunity Providing Global Submarine Rescue - Captain David J. "Fuzz" Harrison, USN, OPNAV N87 Advanced Undersea Systems Program Office (PMS 394) PIC and Mr. Larry P. Jackson, PMS394

0930 Historical Review/Comparative Naval Architecture - Commander Christopher Cable, USN (Ret.), BIO Director, Auxiliary and Special Mission Ship Design Division, SEA 05D4 and Commander Michael Bosworth, USN (Ret.), Director, Surface Ship and Force Architecture Concepts Division, SEA 05D1 BIO Abstract


1015 Diving & Salvage Considerations - Captain Patrick J. Keenan Jr., USN, Director of Ocean Engineering and Supervisor of Salvage and Diving - BIO; Captain Mike Herb, USN (Ret.) BIO and Captain Mark Helmkamp, USN (Ret.) BIO

1100 Towing & Salvage Student Design Competition by Pradeep Nayyar, Program Manager, Maritime Administration BIO
Naval Construction and Engineering Program Students at MIT: Developing an original naval ship concept design of T-ARS(X) by LCDR Joshua LaPenna BIO, LCDR Keith Douglas BIO, LCDR Jeremy Leghorn BIO, and LT Joseph Darcy BIO Abstract

1145 Luncheon Speakers - T-ARS 50 Class Operators & MDSU
Captain Jose A. Delfaus, Master, USNS Grasp (T-ARS 51) BIO
Captain Douglas Casavant Jr., Master, USNS Grasp (T-ARS 51) BIO
CWO4 Daniel "Diver Dan" Mikulski, USN - Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit TWO BIO

Industry & Academia Presentations
Moderators: CAPT Edmund C. Mortimer, USN (Ret.) BIO
CAPT Robert G. Wasalaski, USN (Ret.), Symposium Chair BIO

1300-1330 Salvage - Past, Present and Future by John A. Witte Jr., American Salvage Association President and Executive Vice President of Donjon Marine Co., Inc. BIO

1330-1400 Tug & Salvage Technologies: Model-Based Systems Engineering Approach to US Navy Towing and Salvage Fleet Recapitalization by Dr. Clifford Whitcomb, Ph.D, CSEP, Wenonah Hlavin, LCDR George Southworth, USN, and LT Christopher Addington, USN - Naval Postgraduate School Abstract

1400-1430 The History of Towing System aboard US Naval Salvage Ships Past, Present and Future by Brandon Durar, President, JonRie InterTech LLC BIO

1430-1445 Break

1445-1515 State-of-the-Art Technologies by CAPT Richard "Rick" Hepburn, USN (Ret.), L-3 Marine & Power Systems BIO Abstract

1515-1545 Voith Schneider - Redesign for the 21st Century by CDR Lee Erdman, USN (Ret), Voith Turbo Inc. BIO Abstract

1545-1615 Adapting advance technologies from the offshore oil and gas industry by Geoff Lebans BIO ODIM Brooke Ocean and Roger Race BIO Brooke Ocean, USA Abstract

1615-1630 Break

1630-1700 Abrasion and Fiber Fatigue in High-Performance Synthetic Ropes for Ship Escort and Berthing by Phil Putnam, Samson, Commercial Marine Division Abstract

1700-1730 Innovations in High Performance Winches and Ropes: Future Applications of ARR Winch Technology by Barry Griffin, Markey Machinery Co. Inc. & Griffin Associates BIO Abstract

1730 No-host Networking Opportunity/Reception by cash bar

Friday, 30 January 2009

0630 Registration

0730 Welcome & Continuation of Industry Presentations
Moderators: CAPT Robert G. Wasalaski, USN (Ret.) & CAPT Edmund C. Mortimer, USN (Ret.)

0730-0800 T-ARS 50 Class Design, Lessons Learned and Implications for Next Generation Vessels by Mark Bebar BIO, David Byers BIO, Carey Filling BIO and Ray Grant BIO, CSC-Advanced Marine Center Abstract

0800-0830 Performance of tugs in exposed conditions and rough weather by Frans Quadvlieg and Johan de Jong, Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MRIN) BIO Abstract

0830-0900 Tug Design by Ed Schlueter, Crowley Maritime, BIO Abstract

0900-0930 Keynote: International Salvage Union by Mr. Arnold Witte, International Salvage Union

0930-1000 Break

1000-1030 Advances in Tug Design and Operational Efficiencies for Harbour and Offshore Applications by Robert G. Allan P.Eng, Executive Chairman of the Board, Robert Allan Ltd and Kenneth D. Harford, BIO P.Eng, President, Robert Allan Ltd and Dave Christopher BIO Abstract

1030-1100 UT-Design Vessels – World Leaders in the supply of rugged working vessels by Julian P Groom, Ship Design Manager, Rolls-Royce Naval Marine and Cato Fjeldstad, Sales Manager, Richard Bergner, Chief Engineer BIO Rolls-Royce Abstract

1100-1130 Break

1130-1330 Panel Title: T-ARS(X) Mission Performance Capabilities – A Government/Industry Dialogue
Panel Purpose: Provide government and industry representatives opportunity for informed dialogue on anticipated mission performance capabilities for the T-ARS(X) class vessels.
Moderator: CAPT James R.Wilkins, III, USN (Ret.) BIO
Panel Members: Mr. Jonathan D. Kaskin, OPNAV N42 BIO
CAPT Patrick J. Keenan Jr., USN, SUPSALV 00C BIO
CAPT Mark Helmkamp, USN (Ret.), MSC BIO
CDR Chris Cable, USN (Ret.) - NAVSEA 05D BIO
Mr. Roy Bleiberg, ABS BIO

Symposium Ends

Sign-ups for meetings between industry and government will be at registration desk.

Networking opportunities in the ballroom until 1600.