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Securing Next Generation Data Centers

By Joe Beek, Kelly Jones

Securing Next Generation Data Centers Organizations are transitioning to next-generation data centers to increase mission agility and reduce IT costs. To effectively make this transition, organizations need to address new security challenges to help ensure compliance, governance, and auditing and to mitigate risks. This session will discuss new methods available for securing the next-generation data center. ? New application-centric policy model that decouples policy (security, auditing, service-level agreements (SLAs), user experience, etc.) from network topology and supports application mobility ? Centralized and automated lifecycle management of Layer 4 through 7 network security policy across the entire data center network ? Open and extensible policy framework that supports a defense-in-depth security strategy and helps protect investments ? Secure hardware-enforced network and application segmentation and multitenancy with performance and scalability ? Deep visibility and accelerated threat response based on real-time network intelligence To effectively transition from a traditional data center operation model to a next-generation data center, organizations need to address new security challenges in the data center. The host virtualization-based software-overlay approach doesn’t effectively address the security requirements of next-generation data centers because it lacks support for physical workloads, offers limited visibility and scalability, and lacks unified management. The next-generation data center requires unified security policy lifecycle management with the capability to enforce policies anywhere in the data center, across physical and virtual workloads. Automation of Layer 4 through 7 security policies and support for a defense-in-depth strategy while enabling deep visibility, automated policy compliance, and accelerated threat detection and mitigation are all elements of securing the next-generation data center.