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Cyber/Security Engineering in System of Systems

By Minal Mangra

The severity and sophistication of the cyber threats to the DoD and Navy are increasing every day. Cyber /Security Engineering is paramount in order to operate effectively in cyberspace. To operate effectively in cyberspace, the DoD information networks, systems, DoD missions needs to be defended against these threats. Cyber/Security engineering helps protecting critical information, technology, and resources. the defense environment is increasingly depending on individual systems working together to meet user capability needs. As the increasing number of system acquisitions focus on integration of independent systems and as the cyber threats increase, it is very imperative for systems to work together securely. Security might be built in one system but the vulnerabilities emerge when this system becomes part of the SoS with other systems that may have not followed the same robust security processes. The system is as secure as the weakest link. To avoid one systems security flaw to impact other, robust security engineering becomes very important in SoS environment. There is no one size fits all approach to cyber security. Our ability to effectively counter these cyber-attacks impact our capabilities. A Holistic approach to security engineering is required to tackle the increased cyber threats and assess security risks. This paper will make an attempt to see how Security engineering be extended from system to end to end System of System level.