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Combat Systems Symposium, CSS 2020

November 19th and 20th, 2020
Theme: Attaining a Fully Integrated Combat System Force

"We will question our assumptions. We will think differently about the competition we are now in. We will be the Navy the nation needs now, and we will build the Navy the nation needs to fight and win in the future, always guided by our core values of honor, courage, and commitment."
Admiral Michael M. Gilday, USN, Chief of Naval Operations

The 2019 ASNE Combat Systems Symposium looked into how the U.S. Navy was pursuing digital engineering, supported by Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and Agile development processes, to provide avenues for efficient and effective Combat System engineering to meet the threats of today. Undoubtedly, the digital transformation discussed in 2019 will usher in a Fully Integrated Combat System Force (FICSF). The 2020 ASNE Combat Systems Symposium will look into how we transition to a fully ICSF. Specifically, we will present and discuss:

  • Define a Fully Integrated Combat System Force (FICSF) (Keynote)
  • Discuss TLRs, ICD and AoA associated with FICSF (Panel)
  • Discuss benefits and challenges in executing the FICSF from lab to sea (Panel)
  • MDA, PEO U&W and PEO C4I perspectives and contributions to the Fully Integrated Combat System Force (Speakers)
  • How do future ships (e.g., USV, FFG(X)) fit into the FICSF (Keynote)
  • How ships become “netted” in the tactical grid (Panel)
  • FICSF impacts on training, sustainment and modernization (Panel)

CSS is an annual naval engineering conference that offers technical presentations, expert panels, and networking opportunities to our community of combat system professionals. Due to COVID-19 mandated social gathering meeting restrictions, we have transitioned our originally scheduled face-to-face Arlington, VA event to a virtual offering. The CSS Committee has been busy creating an agenda that includes senior military keynotes, industry speakers, panels, live streaming sessions with Q&A, along with technical paper presentations. Best of all, exhibitors and attendees will have a Virtual Exhibit Hall with multiple networking opportunities!


For assistance or event questions, please email:virtualevents@navalengineers.org or call ASNE HQ at 703-836-6727.
Questions for the Combat Systems Committee? Please email: CSS2020@navalengineers.org

  **All times listed in EDT. Agenda within Boomset will adjust to your regional time zone. Agenda subject to change.

Call for Papers - Virtual Combat Systems Symposium
2020 Theme: Attaining a Fully Integrated Combat System Force

ABSTRACTS DEADLINE: Friday, 06 November 2020
Click here to Submit a CSS Proposal (Login Required)

Virtual Combat Systems Symposium (CSS) 2020 provides the naval engineering community and specifically the combat systems engineering community with expert panels, technical presentations, networking opportunities to keep abreast of the Navy’s progress and remaining challenges in developing more capable and more affordable combat systems for Navy ships.

The CSS Committee is seeking technical papers leading to presentations during the Symposium on any topics related to Combat Systems Engineering in the age of digital and model based systems engineering as follows, but not limited to:

  • Address how digital engineering practices, supported by model-based systems and agile development processes, are providing avenues for efficient and effective Combat System engineering to meet the threats of today and in the future; or,
  • Address how we sustain and modernize the combat system, and the challenges and obstacles in our way to maintain maritime superiority; or
  • Instances where Digital or Model-Based System Engineering practices have or may:
    • Formalize the development, integration, and use of models to inform enterprise and program decision making; or,
    • Incorporate technological innovation to improve the engineering practice; or,
    • Establish a supporting infrastructure and environment to perform activities, collaborate, and communicate across stakeholders; or,
    • Transform the culture and workforce to adopt and support digital engineering across the life cycle

While all papers will be considered for presentation at the symposium, space is limited and those pertaining to our theme “Attaining a Fully Integrated Combat System Force” will be given priority. Limited slots are available.

Please submit a brief proposal. The submission form will ask for:

  • Proposed Title
  • Author (s)’ name (s)
  • Primary Point of Contact information
  • A 1-2 page description which includes a problem statement or introduction, an outline of the key points to be made in the paper, and conclusions or recommendations that the paper will address. (Please note, the abstract submission tool is plain text only.)


Click here to Submit a CSS Proposal (Login Required)


Questions for the Combat Systems Committee Technical Papers Chair? Please email: CSS2020@navalengineers.org

Virtual Combat Systems Symposium (CSS) 2020 Attendee Registration
November 19-20, 2020

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Event Invitation

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Virtual Combat System Symposium Sponsorships

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Combat System Symposium Virtual Exhibit Hall

ASNE is very excited to host a CSS Virtual Exhibit Hall, which provides our CSS attendees a professional and 'state of the art' Exhibit Hall engagement. Get ready to engage, network, chat, video one-on-one and see what new offerings are out there. The CSS Exhibit Hall is open every day.


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