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FMMS 2020 Keynote: Admiral Christopher W. Grady

(ADM Gray's biography is available on this U.S. Navy site.)

On September 18, 2020, ADM Christopher Grady started the FMMS program for this day with an excellent presentation. The video begins with introductions and thanks from CAPT Dale Lumme, USN (Ret.), including some details about the FMMS programming (0:00-3:50). Then, CAPT Bill Crow, USN (Ret.), represented the Virginia Ship Repair Association and introduced the keynote speaker (3:50-5:45). ADM Christopher Grady's keynote presentation addressed "the broad range of efforts" to ensure fleet readiness (5:45-60:12).


Note: All videos can be made full screen just hit play then click the full-screen button.



  • CAPT Dale Lumme, USN (Ret.), Executive Director, ASNE
  • CAPT Bill Crow, USN (Ret.), President, Virginia Ship Repair Association
  • Keynote: ADM Christopher Grady, USN, Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command