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Gold Medal Award

Gold Medal

Gold Medal Award (Engineering)

The Gold Medal Award, presented annually since 1958, is given to an individual who has made a significant naval engineering contribution in a particular area during the past five years.

In the field of naval engineering, the nominee must have made a most significant contribution through personal effort, or through the direction of others, during or culminating in the five-year period ending in the current year. Evidence of personal involvement shall be explicitly stated. If, for security reasons, the evidence cannot be publicly disclosed, the statement should be sufficiently specific for recognition of the accomplishment by those qualified to assess it.

 Past Recipients - ASNE Gold Medal Award

2014Mr. Adrian J. Mackenna
2013Mr. Mark Henneberger
2012RADM Thomas J. Eccles, USN
2011Dr. Douglass E. Post
2010Mr. Jeffrey Hough
2009CAPT Albert J. Grecco, USN
2008CAPT Norbert Doerry, USN
2007Mr. Jonathan D. Kaskin
2006RDML Charles H. Goddard, USN
2005Mr. Howard Fireman
2004Dr. Stuart D. Jessup
2003Mr. Charles G. Creedon
2002Dr. William K. Blake
2001CAPT Bert Marsh, USN
2000Mr. Stephen J. Rodgers
1999Mr. Randall H. Fortune
1998Dr. Jeffrey E. Beach
1997Mr. Michael J. O'Driscoll
1996Dr. Norman L. Owsley
1995Mr. Carl O. Brady
1994Dr. Allan R. Somoroff
1993William B. Morgan, Dr. Eng.
1992R. Norris Keeler, Ph.D.
1991CAPT Clark "Corky" Graham, USN
1990Maurice M. Sevik, Ph.D.
1989Mr. Clifford G. Geiger
1988COL Eugene E. Shoults, USMC (Ret.)
1987RADM Kenneth C. Malley, USN
1986CAPT Millard S. Firebaugh, USN
1985Mr. Larry J. Argiro
1984Mr. Peter M. Palermo
1983CAPT Charles H. Piersall, Jr., USN (Ret.)
1982CAPT Bryce D. Inman, USN (Ret.)
1981CAPT James W. Kehoe, Jr., USN (Ret.)
1980CAPT Alfred Skolnick, USN
1979CAPT Henry Cox, USN
1978CAPT Oscar B. "OB" Nelson, USN (Ret.)
1977RADM Elmer T. Westfall, USN (Ret.)
1976RADM Wayne E. Meyer, USN (Ret.)
1975Mr. James L. Mills, Jr.
1974Mr. Donald L. Ream
1973Mr. William M. Ellsworth
1972CAPT Robert H. Wertheim, USN (Ret.)
1971CDR Walter J. Eager, USN
1970Mr. Robert A. Meyers
1969CDR Roderick M. White, USCG (Ret.)
1968Mr. Lynwood A. Cosby
1967Mr. Owen H. Oakley
1966LCDR John H. "Huntley" Boyd, Jr., USN (Ret.)
1965Mr. Harland A. Morley
1964Dr. Alfred H. Keil
1963RADM Eli T. Reich, USN (Ret.)
1962CAPT Patrick Leehey, USN (Ret.)
1961Mr. William S. Pellini
1960CAPT Levering Smith, USN
1959Dr. Waldo K. Lyon
1958Mr. Valor C. Smith
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