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Rosenblatt Young Naval Engineer Award


Jason A. Reynolds

Rosenblatt Young Naval Engineer 


Mr. Jason A. Reynolds

For remarkable, early professional achievement with demonstrated potential for continued distinction in the field of naval engineering as set forth in the following:

CAPT Rick Hepburn, USN (Ret.) (left) and Mr. Bruce Rosenblatt (center) present the Rosenblatt Young Engineer Award to Mr. Jason Reynolds

As the Navy’s technical authority for both the LHA(R) and DD(X) designs, Mr. Reynolds has quickly become an outstanding innovator of naval ship design engineering. He has demonstrated remarkable professional achievement and has advanced the art and science of the entire field of naval ship development. He directed an intense review and incorporation of the Naval Vessel Rules and led the concept design teams in performing hundreds of rough order of magnitude ship concept studies and 30 trade studies. He has also championed the use of innovative tools and processes to provide quantitative measures of effectiveness and improve confidence in critical design decisions. Mr. Reynolds has emerged as the total ship technical authority for the most advanced warship design ever undertaken by the Navy.

In all of his technical work, Mr. Reynolds has implemented best practices of product development and emphasized a total quality approach. His collaborative style stimulates innovation in both product and process design helping to achieve a perfect balance of process improvement and quality output. As the Ship Design Manager for LHA(R), he led a community wide cultural change to a design solution based approach which has achieved dramatic results. Now assigned as the DD(X) Ship Design Manager, he broke new ground in team building by establishing the DD(X) Design Integration Center. His proactive approach in adopting best practices and emphasis on continuous improvement, as well as his personal mentoring of junior engineers, clearly shows the potential for continued distinction.

Mr. Reynolds prepared several white papers on ship design strategy and acquisition for the program and has published two technical papers. He has also assembled and delivered multiple briefings to senior leadership. Due in great measure to his leadership, the DD(X) ship design met its requirements within schedule and cost and achieved every major milestone decision and funding goal. With his exemplary innovation techniques in rebuilding the Navy’s warship design capability and his numerous exceptional state-of-the-art contributions to our profession of naval engineering; he is most highly deserving of the Society’s 2005 Rosenblatt Young Naval Engineers Award.

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