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Rosenblatt Young Naval Engineer Award


Jennifer S. Grimsley

Rosenblatt Young Naval Engineer Award 


Ms. Jennifer S. Grimsley, P.E., N.A.

For remarkable, early professional achievement with demonstrated potential for continued distinction in the field of naval engineering as set forth in the following:

CAPT Rick Hepburn, USN (Ret.) and RDML Kevin McCoy, USN present the Rosenblatt Young Engineer Award to Ms. Jennifer Grimsley

Involved in all aspects of design, research, development, and testing of combatant craft and technologies for U.S. forces; Ms. Jennifer Grimsley has been a contributing member and program lead on a wide range of programs. She has demonstrated technical leadership in all areas of naval architecture and marine engineering. She serves on technical working groups to advance the state of the art in high performance combatant craft design and testing both in the U.S. and abroad, and is a subject matter expert in Computational Design, Hydrodynamics and Seakeeping, Hull Optimization, Structural Design, and Construction using Lightweight Composites and Metals.

Ms. Grimsley has led numerous Integrated Product Teams (IPTs) and serves as the Technical Authority for Boats and Craft to COMNAVSPECWARCOM, shaping standards and requirements for future Naval Special Warfare craft. She has been involved in the technical standards for signatures and construction practices and procedures on high performance craft such as SEALION. As a licensed Professional Engineer, Ms. Grimsley’s technical integrity and accountability are unwavering. She is relied upon by government representatives internationally to make decisions for the sake of advancing capabilities of combatant craft. Ms. Grimsley has been the lead for a classified project for research, development testing and determination of technical standards for neutralization of small craft technologies. She served as the Chief Resident Project Officer (RPO) for the SEALION Program and deserves significant credit for the success of the program. Ms. Grimsley also led the development of seakeeping and maneuvering requirements for the next generation of Naval Special Warfare Craft.

Ms. Grimsley conducts independent research in her field of engineering and is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences on marine engineering. She is a strong advocate for the advancement of Engineering Standards and Capabilities including promoting, developing and maintaining critical technical capabilities throughout the US Navy. She is the lead Navy collaborator with academia to establish a center of excellence for promotion of Research and Development, Academic Advancement and US Industrial Expansion for High Performance Marine Vehicles and Technologies. As a direct result of her efforts, Old Dominion University has considered offering a Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture certificate program.

Ms. Jennifer Grimsley’s superb leadership while serving as Program Manager and Lead Engineer on various programs, her strong dedication to customer needs, her ability to lead and conduct independent and team based research, her recognition in the international academic arena,  and her desire to develop the U.S. Academic Institution in High Speed Craft, brings great credit to her profession of naval architecture and marine engineering.

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