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Harold E. Saunders Award


Harold E. Saunders Award (Lifetime Achievement)

The Harold E. Saunders Award, presented annually since 1977, honors an individual whose reputation in naval engineering spans a long career of notable achievement and influence. Captain Saunders' contributions to the arts and sciences of naval engineering spanned nearly fifty years, culminating in the publication of his monumental work, Hydrodynamics in Ship Design. Naval architect, engineer, constructor, scientist, writer, scholar, administrator, diplomat -- Captain Saunders was all of these. He set a standard of professionalism and dedication for all naval engineers.

The nominee must have demonstrated productivity, growth, and outstanding accomplishment in engineering over the years, with ultimate wide recognition by peers as a leader in the field, and of such prestige as to merit the acclaim of the naval engineering community.


 Past Recipients - Harold E. Saunders Award

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