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Harold E. Saunders Award


Mr. Glenn M. Ashe

Harold E. Saunders Award  


CAPT Glenn M. Ashe, USN (Ret.)

For his significant contribution to naval engineering.


During a career spanning more than 40 years in the U.S. Navy, civil service, and the private sector, CAPT Glenn M. Ashe, USN (Ret.) has made significant and lasting contributions in the areas of naval architecture, marine engineering, ship maintenance and repair, engineering management, and business development. Building on those achievements, his lifetime of experience and his deep understanding of the practical and analytical aspects of naval architecture, he was uniquely positioned to help chart the way for the reinvention of surface ship assessment and maintenance.

Captain Ashe led the way in creating the vision and implementing concepts for a revolutionary approach to the classification and certification of naval vessels. He led and carefully managed the creation of tailored classification rules, and developed the means of applying this concept to new construction programs. He directed the creation of process instructions and quality procedures to ensure consistent application, and he created training programs and procedures for revising and updating the rules and processes to help institutionalize the concept. By blending classification society rules with other non-government standards and unique military requirements, each ship class can have a tailored set of standards to help balance operational effectiveness requirements and life cycle cost to help achieve expected service life.

In addition to his technical contributions, Captain Ashe has touched a generation of naval architects and engineers with his collaborative approach and his spirit of innovation and resourcefulness. He has shared his research and insight in published articles as well as with industry and community organizations, including the American Society of Naval Engineers and other technical societies.

Captain Ashe’s lifetime of distinguished service and achievement and his enduring contributions to the U.S. Navy and to the naval engineering community make him a truly worthy recipient of the 2011 ASNE Harold E. Saunders Award.

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