U.S. Marine Corps Track

The U.S. Marine Corps will hold a concurrent track during Mega Rust 2012 to discuss current corrosion issues facing their equipment and how they combat the corrosion problem. Those wishing to attend this session but not the full conference can sign up using the special one-day rate. Full event registration includes attendance to this session.

Tuesday, June 12

1430 – 1455   High-Durability, Impact-Resistant Appliqués
                         Sarah Furr (Vision Point Systems Inc.)

1455 – 1520   Hard Chrome Replacements for Hydraulic Cylinders in the Marine Corps
                         Joe Kelly (Vision Point Systems Inc.)

1520 – 1545   Creating Effective Corrosion Prevention and Control Performance 
                         Requirements for Weapon Systems
                         Brad Shaw (Vision Point Systems Inc.)

1545 – 1615   Break

1615 – 1640   Electronics Corrosion Mitigation Through Use of Conformal Coatings
                         Eric Moffatt (Elzly Technology Corporation)

1640 – 1705   Automotive Sealants for the Mitigation of Crevice Corrosion
                         Lauren Paladino (Elzly Technology Corporation)

1705 – 1730   Performance of Zinc-Rich Coatings in Atmospheric Environments
                         John Repp (Elzly Technology Corporation)

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