Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME)


The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME)

The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers(SNAME)was organized in 1893, to advance the art, science, and practice of naval architecture, shipbuilding and marine engineering.  For over a century members have included commercial and governmental practitioners, students, and educators of naval architecture, shipbuilding, and marine and ocean engineering. 

SNAME has long been the preeminent society for the practitioners of the shipbuilding arts and sciences.  For many, the Society has been absolutely essential to career development and success in the industry. SNAME encourages the exchange and recording of information, sponsors applied research, offers career guidance, supports education, and enhances the professional status and integrity of its membership. Learn more about SNAME at

Benefits of SNAME Student Membership

SNAME student membership includes many benefits to help you advance in your academic and professional career and better afford your education.  Other student member benefits include:

  • Publication discounts – Significant discounts on all SNAME publications, textbooks, journals, T&R Bulletins, journals
  • Online research tools via
  • Special event rates, such as the Annual Meeting
  • Local section activities
  • Join and participate in T&R Committees Learn more about SNAME committees  to find one that’s right for young engineers to be connected with those experts in the field they have an potential interest
  • Young Professionals Program
  • Network with industry leaders
  • Present and publish your research/papers in SNAME journals, Transactions, and other publications
  • Career Center – Post your resume for free; create a job search; look for internships
  • Communications: Free (mt)online, SNAMeNewsLetter, Technical and Topical and the SSC Student SNAMeNewsLetter
  • Professional Referral Program
  • Scholarships for undergraduate and graduate study
  • Technical Paper Awards - An opportunity to have your papers presented at the SNAME Annual Meeting
  • Connect with Your Student Section - Attend Student Section meetings with fellow Students; Participate in SNAME/University events; Organize SNAME programs on and off campus; Develop a working relationship with your Faculty Advisor
  • Find a mentor, internship or employment
  • Access to the entire membership directory online
  • Renew your membership dues at only $35 and continue to renew for 435 the first year after graduation

SNAME Scholarships

SNAME offers competitive scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students of naval architecture and marine engineering.  Students with exceptional academic credentials are encouraged to apply. 

The SNAME Scholarships Program bestows multiple scholarships in honor of living and deceased SNAME Members. Since its inception in 1933, the SNAME Scholarship Program has awarded millions of dollars of scholarship awards to students in the naval architecture, marine engineering, ocean engineering and marine industry related fields. North American applicants must study in approved institutions in the U.S., Canada, or abroad, while non-U.S./Canadian graduate applicants must study in approved U.S. or Canadian schools.

Young Professionals

SNAME Young Professionals (YP) is a program designed to serve the interests of the younger SNAME demographic, many of whom have graduated from school and moved into the workplace. The YP program aims to keep recent graduates involved in SNAME, attract new members in the NA & ME field to SNAME, and provide these members with a means of networking and integrating into the society beyond the opportunities available at technical section meetings. 

SNAME YP sections follow the same regional section structure of SNAME. Each regional section has a YP Coordinator, tasked with organizing events and keeping both the YP and general sections informed of YP activities. Attendance at YP events is open to all members of SNAME choosing to attend, although the nature of YP events is usually intended to attract a younger demographic. This results in YP meetings and events that are generally well attended by younger members, with a light mix of more senior members. This mix allows for cohesiveness amongst the younger members while fostering networking opportunities with more senior members of SNAME.

YP sections typically engage in a variety of activities including ship tours, movie nights, and happy hours. YP activities are generally organized to provide a social atmosphere in which members that have recently graduated, or are new to SNAME, can meet and get to know the members of their local section in a relaxed setting. It is the responsibility of the various SNAME student section leaders to become aware of the destinations of graduating student members and to put these members in touch with their respective YP Coordinators. This ensures a smooth transition from SNAME student membership to associate membership at graduation.

Student Steering Committee (SSC)

Facing the threat of declining student membership and participation, SNAME realized that students are the essential resource with regard to meeting the Society’s goal of developing future industry leaders. In 2000, SNAME created the Student Steering Committee in an effort to recognize students, identify their contributions and encourage their continued participation within the organization.

Recently, the Society acknowledged the need for the “student voice” to be heard, and responded by changing the SNAME bylaws to endorse student representation on policy making committees. More specifically, the SSC Chairman was added as a voting member of the Executive Committee. A similar position was created on the Education Committee that is to be filled by an SSC officer. These recognized positions empower the SSC to represent student interests at the highest levels within SNAME. Our accomplishments further reinforce the importance of the SSC and all student members as vital participants in SNAME.

When it was first created, the SSC was tasked with organizing and running the Student Congress, held during SNAME Maritime Technology Conference and Expo (a.k.a. SMTC&E or the SNAME Annual Meeting). The Student Congress quickly became a great success, and caused the SSC to expand the student activities offered at the SMTC&E. The SSC now oversees an entire SNAME Annual Meeting Student Program. The SSC realizes that an annual Student Program is not enough to foster active student participation. As such, we have expanded our present and future plans to include:

  • Creating an open means of communications with Student Sections and student members
  • Keeping students informed of SNAME news and events – both locally and nationally
  • Giving full support to current Student Sections, and encouraging the creation of new Student Sections
  • Organizing new student programs and services to enhance student membership
  • Continuing to represent student interests at all levels of SNAME

Student Sections

Student Sections encourage Society membership among students and foster their professional development and growth.  These student groups are sponsored by an established local Section.  An officer or specially designated Executive Committee member acts in the capacity of advisor to and liaison between the local and student Sections. In addition, a representative of the Student Section sits on the Executive Committee of the senior group. Student Sections are established at the 31 colleges and universities, all of which offer marine engineering and/or naval architecture programs throughout the United States, Canada and the world. Individual Student Sections are established by Sections and overseen by faculty advisors. 

SNAME & ASNE Membership

Students who join SNAME will automatically receive student membership privileges with ASNE.The dual membership creates an opportunity to access more information pertaining to upcoming events and current field advancements and knowledge.


Be sure you get the most out of your SNAME membership and begin to experience all that SNAME has to offer!

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