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Call for Papers: OPEN

Theme: Build. Maintain. Modernize. Shaping the Future Fleet.


Suggested Topic Areas:

  • Sharing best practices across services, maintenance communities & platforms
  • Investing today to maintain “Affordable Relevance”
  • Aligning training, maintenance & modernization to improve operational availability
  • Employing innovative Material Condition Assessments to prioritize investment decisions
  • Using “Communities of Practice” to improve collaboration
  • Investing today to achieve or exceed design service life & reduce maintenance
  • Contracting strategies that yield improved readiness without adding cost
  • Implementing Flexible Warship Initiatives now to reduce future modernization costs & increase operational availability
  • Using technology to reduce manning
  • Managing knowledge to better spare, maintain, repair and operate increasingly complex & integrated systems
  • Modernizing for Energy Reduction
  • Innovating cybersecurity upgrades to reduce integration and implementation costs
  • Cybersecurity of onboard systems
  • Using more reliable components to decrease maintenance cycle frequency
  • New approaches to scheduling & maintenance to better accommodate changing operational schedules
  • Employing a defendable business case to ensure total ownership cost (TOC) is understood and prioritized throughout the life of the ship.
  • Configuration Knowledge vs Configuration Control – improving decision making, promoting commonality while reflecting accurate ship configurations
  • Leveraging digital/3-D product models beyond Design/Construction across the ship/component lifecycle
  • Addressing the challenges of modernizing C4ISR and Combat Systems when technology evolves faster than current platform maintenance cycles

Submit a one page proposal at: http://www.navalengineers.org/FMMS17abstract (login required) prior to April 14, 2017. The proposal should include:
  • Proposed Title
  • Author (s)’ name (s)
  • Primary point of contact e-mail address
  • 1-2 page description which includes a problem statement or introduction, an outline of the key points to be made in the paper, and conclusions or recommendations that the paper will address.
Download a copy of this call for papers here.

All questions should be sent to FMMS 2017 Technical Papers Chair:
Dr. Robert Sielski at FMMS2017@navalengineers.org, or to RASielski@att.net, or 321-220-0829.

ABSTRACTS DUE: April 14, 2017
First Drafts of Papers Due: June 16, 2017
Final Drafts of Papers Due: July 21, 2017

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