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Ms. Erica Scates

Award:Claud A. Jones Award (Fleet Engineer)
Year: 2020
Recipient: Ms. Erica Scates

for her significant contribution to naval engineering as set forth in the following 



Throughout a career spanning almost a decade with the Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division (NSWCCD), Ms. Scates demonstrated time and again her skills as an outstanding leader, role model, and technical expert.  She ascended rapidly in her career, taking on progressively more challenging technical and management responsibilities within the area of Data Analytics Fleet Support. In parallel with her technical growth, Ms. Scates actively cultivated her leadership skills through significant and impactful participation in broader Carderock Division initiatives including science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) outreach and diversity and inclusion (D&I) programs.  

Ms. Scates earned her Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Materials Science and Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.  Ms. Scates was a President’s Scholar, participated in the University Honors Program, and studied abroad at the University of New South Wales in Australia.  Beginning her career with the Navy as a Co-Op employee with the NSWC Dahlgren Division she discovered her passion and love for Naval Engineering.  After obtaining her master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, Ms. Scares accepted a position with NSWC Carderock where she was immediately immersed in the Branch’s Data Analytics Fleet Support projects.  

Ms. Scates’ current role at NSWCCD is the Project Manager and Group Lead for the Helicopter Data Analytics Fleet Support Group. In this capacity, she manages a portfolio of projects to provide critical information derived using data analytics to Fleet maintainers and engineers.  Ms. Scates was the Project Manager for the MH-60 data analytics from 2018-2020, providing support to PMA-299, the MH-60 FST, and the Office of Naval Research (ONR.) One of her efforts of data analysis is credited with likely preventing several helicopter mishaps, demonstrating the critical importance of her skillset. 

Only eight years into what is already an accomplished career in support of the Navy, Ms. Scates has shown herself to be an excellent leader and she sets an example of both technical rigor and high moral and ethical standards; all of which speak to her undoubted potential for future growth and continued success. For her leadership and outstanding service to the United States Navy, ASNE is honored to name Ms. Erica Scates as the recipient of the 2020 Claud A. Jones Award for Fleet Engineering.