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Member of the Month - June 2018

Meet June's ASNE Member of the Month - Dr. David Love! Read on to learn a bit more about David in his interview with Membership Manager Michelle.

Michelle: What got you into Naval Engineering? (What specific event or moment).
David: Mar 1988, upon completion of US Navy Engineering Duty Officer Basic in Mare Island NSY, Vallejo, CA. CAPT Bill Kastner, USN(Ret) talked about ASNE as did then CAPT Chuck Calvano.

Michelle: What is a fun fact most people don't know about you?
David: I enjoy cooking, particularly complicated, spicy dishes.

Michelle: What is one engineer/scientist/ or mathematician dead or alive would you like to meet?
David: Isaac Newton, no question. Arguably, we would not have calculus nor classical mechanics without him.

Michelle: If you could engineer your perfect concession stand/food truck, what would it be?
David: I would have to have a large capacity gas grill, smoker with both wood and charcoal, oven, large refrigerator capacity, beverage dispenser, and a full assortment of spices, particularly peppers of all types (including carolina reaper). I guess that means any food truck would have to be larger than they usually are, more like 40’ RV?

Michelle: Why are you a member of ASNE?
David: I am a member of ASNE because I believe we all have to stay connected and informed of engineering developments. Technology drives so many changes, and the pace of change increases. Without professional society connections, it’s easy to fall out of step.

Michelle: What does "Naval Engineering" mean to you?
David: Naval Engineering is a very broad term, and to me it encompasses all engineering disciplines plus electronics and information technology and the integration of those disciplines to enable the design, production, maintenance and repair of all vessels and infrastructure to support them. I like the fact that Naval Engineering is multi-disciplinary.

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