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In order to protect participants, the FLEET chat requires a log in and then you can use the Forum above. This is a safe place to discuss FLEET issues, ideas and share your successes.

In addition, we livestreamed the new mission focus for the week earlier today. Join us each Friday here to see recent FLEET updates and livestreams. You can also ask us questions any time by emailing us at fleet@navalengineers.org

Livestream 8/7

This 25-minute video explores how to use data to explore how to build the fastest ship.

Livestream 7/31

This 45-minute video introduces the essentials of FLEET: the different hulls, tests, screens and buttons. Definitely a great video for first time FLEET engineers!

Livestream 7/24

This video focuses on the ways to make strong ships for heavy seas. Push the bounds of your naval engineering skills!

Livestream 7/17

This thirty-minute highlight focuses on the ways to build, test, and evaluate the heaviest ships in FLEET. Take a look and use this informaiton to master the Heavy Seas Operation and the Search & Rescue mission in Stormy conditions.

Livestream 7/10

We tie a bow on the Combat Practice conversation from July 3rd and take a look at the Launch & Recovery concepts in the Heavy Seas Operations.

Livestream 7/3

We walk through all the weapons and how to truly master the Combat Practice.

Livestream 6/26

This video focuses on the types of data we can collect from the game and by careful notetaking to help us set the high score. This time we focused on the Search & Rescue and Supply & Logistics missions.

Livestream 6/19

A great webinar looking into tracking data and thinking scientifically about ship design. We did a quick run through on the stormy Combat Practice and the sunny Search & Rescue mission.

Livestream 6/12

This stormy webcast focused on designing ships for the toughest seas in the FLEET video game. It's quite a fun challenge!

Livestream 6/5

Smooth sailing in stormy seas! We investigated ways to invest all the money possible in the Heavy Seas Operations and Stormy-weather Search & Rescue competitions.



Livestream 5/29 - Part 1

We investigated the heaviest and lightest ships through the Combat Practice and Heavy Seas Operations competitions.



Part 2

This run through of the Heavy Seas Operations has a tragic end!



Livestream 5/22



We recorded more data while exploring the Search & Rescue and Combat Practice competitions.





Livestream 5/15



We explored data management and the Search & Rescue competition that will conclude May 22.





Livestream 5/8



We used the stormy Combat Operations mission to explore data gathering and using the engineering design process to slowly improve the ship design and mission execution.





Livestream 5/1


We took one more crack at the Stormy weather version of Search & Rescue. Then, pushed this understanding to explore Combat Practice in Stormy conditions This new mission will challenge the most experienced engineer!





Livestream 4/24


We took one more crack at the Heavy Seas Operations and then explored how to conduct Search & Rescue in Stormy weather conditions. The first Search & Rescue attempt was particularly noteworthy as Mike ran over the same poor mariner 14 times! (You will not be shocked to see his low score.)






Liverstream from 4/17



Friday, April 17, we hosted a video highlighting the Supply & Logistics competition about to conclude and introduce the Heavy Seas Operations.






Livestream 4/10 Part 1.



The video cut out for 20 seconds in the middle so you will see Parts 1 and 2 below. The videos focus on the Supply & Logistics competition. Note that Part 1 has a spectacular failure on the Combat Practice mission that wrapped up on April 10th.






Livestream 4/10 Part 2.








Here is part of last week's livestream about the Combat Practice mission.




In addition, we livestreamed another Foggy Conditions attempt to help you secure your highest score as we wrap up that competition today.


Two weeks ago, we livestreamed the new mission focus, and a 47-minute recording is available below. Please watch it to gain information about how to use the engineering design process to slowly but surely improve your FLEET results. Remember: We will award the top 3 finishers in the Search & Rescue mission today!


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The last video helps by highlighting the exact buttons we pressed to make the actions you see on the screen.