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ASNE is the leading professional engineering society for engineers, scientists and allied professionals who conceive, design, develop, test, construct, outfit, operate and maintain complex naval and maritime ships, submarines and aircraft and their associated systems and subsystems.  ASNE also serves the educators who train the professionals, researchers who develop related technology, and students who are preparing for the profession.  Society activities provide support for the U.S. Navy; U.S. Coast Guard; U.S. Marine Corps; U.S. Merchant Marine and U.S. Army.

ASNE is the seventh oldest technical society in the United States.  It was founded in 1888 by a group of naval engineering pioneers, most of them officers of the U.S. Navy's Engineering Corps, who sought a unified approach to their profession in order to make the most of new advances in technology. The purposes of ASNE are:           

  • to advance the knowledge and practice of naval engineering in public and private applications and operations,
  • to enhance the professionalism and well-being of members, and
  • to promote naval engineering as a career field.

For 125 years, the Society’s objectives have been strengthened and preserved to meet the changing needs of a time-honored profession. Today ASNE conducts a variety of technical meetings and symposia, publishes the highly regarded Naval Engineers Journal and a number of other technical proceedings and publications, and fosters professional development and technical information exchange through technical committees, local section activities and cooperative efforts with government organizations and other professional societies.

The Society's annual meeting, ASNE Day, is typically held in February of each year in the Washington, DC, area. The meeting features major addresses by high level industry and government leaders and panel discussions by leading members of the profession.  It also includes presentation and discussion of technical papers on a variety of timely naval engineering topics, presentation of the Society's prestigious annual awards and a large exposition with government and industry exhibits covering the full spectrum of naval engineering technology. ASNE Day is highlighted by the Society’s annual Honors Gala, attended by hundreds of executives and senior managers from both government and industry.

Our website is designed to not only serve our members, but also to support scholars, students and others interested in the varied field of naval engineering.  We welcome your suggestions on ways we can improve your experience. 


Sponsored by the Office of Naval Research under grant N00014-17-1-3142 

FLEET Organizations

This list should help you join existing organizations or encourage you to start your own. We first list the K-12 organizations then the college- and adult-aged groups.

K-12 Organizations in FLEET

  1. Homeschool
  2. Achievable Dream
  3. Alexandria City Public Schools
  4. Alpena High School
  5. Arlington County Public Schools
  6. Ashburton Elementary
  7. Barnegat High School
  8. Basis Independent McLean
  9. Battlefield High School
  10. Bixby Educational Events
  11. Charette Division, Sea Cadets
  12. Cub Run Elementary
  13. Cynwyd Elementary School
  14. Del Ray
  15. Delaware Valley Friends School
  16. El Camino Real Charter HS
  17. Elkton High School
  18. Engineering and Science HS
  19. Fairfax County Public Schools
  20. Florida State University, CAPS
  21. Fluvanna High School
  22. Fort Lee Boy Scouts
  23. Frances Hazel Reid Elementary
  24. G.W. Carver High School
  25. Germantown Academy
  26. Gig Harbor High School
  27. Grossmont
  28. GVSD
  29. Harvester Christian Academy
  30. Haycock elementary school
  31. Hayfield Elementary
  32. Hayfield High School
  33. Hayfield Middle School
  34. Hillsboro High School
  35. Hillside High School (NJ)
  36. Holmes Middle School
  37. King George High School
  38. Kipp Charter Schools
  39. Lafayette Elementary
  40. Lake Forest Country Day School
  41. Lenape High School
  42. Leonardtown Maryland Highshool
  43. Luray High School
  44. MCH
  45. McKinnley Middle School
  46. MHMSI
  47. MOES
  48. MOT Charter High School
  49. Mt Vernon High School
  50. Mundelein High School
  51. Naval Sea Cadets Corps - Houston
  52. Naval War College
  53. Newport School District
  54. Norristown Area School District
  55. North Point High School
  56. North Star
  57. Oak View Elementary
  58. Parkville Highschool
  59. Parlier High School
  60. Patriot High School
  61. Patuxent High School
  62. Petrie
  64. Philadelphia
  66. Ramona High School
  67. River Hill High School
  68. Roberto Clemente Middle School
  69. Rockwall Heath High School
  70. Sangster
  71. SEEC
  72. Sequoyah Elementary School
  73. Severna Park Middle School
  74. SJAC Boy Scouts
  75. SKHS
  76. SMCS
  77. Spotsylvania Co. Schools
  78. Spotsylvania High School
  79. Springfield Estates Elementary
  80. St Anslems Abbey Elementary
  81. St. Mary's Libraries
  82. STEMed Labs
  83. Stevens
  84. Suzlon Energy Ltd
  85. TC Williams High School
  86. Thomas Jefferson HS
  87. Thor Solutions
  88. Times2
  89. Troy High School
  90. US Naval Sea Cadets
  91. Walker High School
  92. Waterfront Education
  93. Wilde Lake Middle School
  94. Willoughby South High School
  95. Windward district office (HI)


College, Universities, and Professional Groups in FLEET

  1. ASNE
  2. ASV LLC
  3. General Dynamics
  4. Hellenic Coast Guard (Greece)
  5. Independence Seaport Museum
  6. JCU
  7. Memorial University of Newfoundland
  8. Ministry of Defence
  9. Navatek
  10. NOAA
  11. Northern Illinois University
  13. NUWC
  14. ONR
  15. Penn
  16. Purdue University
  17. RoboNation
  18. Rutgers University
  19. State University of New York
  20. Subsea Research
  21. Temple University
  22. Texas A&M University at Galveston
  23. Trident Maritime Systems
  24. U.S. Coast Guard
  25. University of the Sciences
  26. University of Michigan
  27. USNA
  28. WRNMMC


These steps come from the FLEET User Guide. You can download that PDF for future reference. 

Downloading FLEET

  1. Go to fleetengineering.org and click “Download FLEET”, or go directly to http://www.navalengineers.org/STEM-FLEET/Download-FLEET
  2. There are three versions of FLEET currently available:
  3. FLEET Windows Installer, 64 Bit: This version is compatible with all Windows machines that run Windows 7 or a more recent version of Windows.
  4. FLEET Windows Installer, 32 Bit: This version is also compatible with all machines running Windows 7 or a more recent version, and it’s designed for slower computers. If you think your computer may have issues running a video game, this version is your best option.
  5. FLEET Mac Installer: This version is compatible with all Mac computers
  6. NOTE: There is no version for Chromebooks, iPads, Android tablets, phones, etc. If this prevents you from using FLEET, please email us fleet@navalengineers.org.
  7. Click the Green Plus button next to the appropriate version, and then click “View Cart”.
  8. The next screen will show that there is $0 due and lists your FLEET version in the “Item” column. Click “Checkout”.
  9. You will need to log-in or create a new account. To create an account, click “Register” at the top right corner of the screen.
  10. We will email you a link to the FLEET installer in Step #7, so be sure you register with an accurate email. The rest of the data is of much less importance.
  11. After you are logged in, you can click “Process Order” to finish this process.

Opening the FLEET Installer

  1. For most users, you simply click the link provided on the webpage or in the email and the installer opens.
  2. Table 2. Highlighting the link to the installer. Webpage with Link to FLEET Installer Email with Link to FLEET Installer
  3. Some users will need to open the link in a new tab to force your machine to download the file.
  4. For Windows users, right click on the hyperlink and choose “Open link in new tab”
  5. For Mac users, CTL click the hyperlink and choose “Open link in new tab”
  6. If the installer still does not download, contact our Help Desk (fleet@navalengineers.org).
  7. Click on the downloaded file to open it.
  8. The installation prompts will guide you through this process. You will be asked
  9. Is it ok to save the files in your Program folder?
  10. Do you want a FLEET desktop icon?
  11. Do you want FLEET to run after you install it?
  12. After you complete the installation prompts, you have successfully downloaded FLEET on your machine.

Opening FLEET for the First Time

  1. When you open FLEET, the files will be updated from the remote server as necessary. This process will take a long time the first time you open FLEET and it may take time after significant FLEET updates.
  2. When the “Launch” button becomes active, click it.
  3. There are three buttons at the bottom of the Account Login screen to consider.
  4. “Change/Forgot passwords” – Click this button to enter your email address and receive access to your account. You must have access to the email account you used to sign up.
  5. “Don’t have an account? Sign up now!” – Click this button to create your new account.
  6. User names need to consist of underscores, letters and/or numbers (no symbols). We reserve the right to exclude users with inappropriate names.
  7. “Resend username and verification email” – You will need to verify your account. If you do not receive an email, click this button for FLEET to send you a new email.
  8. Click “Don’t have an account? Sign up now!” to create your new account.
  9. You will need to submit the registration code listed on the Download FLEET page. Currently, the code is: fleetrocks2018
  10. A couple requirements for creating your account:
  11. User names can only consist of upper case letters (A-Z), lower case letters (a-z), numbers (0-9), and _ (underscore).
  12. You will need to access a verification email address before you can continue with FLEET. Be sure you can access the email account you give here.
  13. You can start a new Organization or join an existing Organization. The list of organizations are maintained at http://www.navalengineers.org/STEM-FLEET/Orgs. If you want to add your organization, just email us at fleet@navalengineers.org.
  14. You will receive an email with instructions on how to validate your account.
  15. After you validate your account, you can log into FLEET.