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FLEET Student Advisory Panel



Are you a leader? Want to demonstrate your leadership skills? Join the national FLEET Student Advisory Panel to create the program vision and provide new ideas. Click here to apply.

We believe in keeping applications simple! Please complete the 10-question survey to apply to join to the Student Advisory Panel. We strongly encourage you to join us if you have strong answer to one or more of these questions:

  • What is one reason you would be a good addition to the FLEET Student Advisory Panel?
  • What is one thing you like about the FLEET program?
  • What is one thing you think should change about the FLEET program?
  • What is one new idea you want to add to the FLEET program?

Help us establish the vision and social media presence for the FLEET program. Attain positions and lead projects that will look great on college and job applications. FLEET is a place where YOU are in charge.


How to Sign Up

First, log into this website by clicking "login" or "register" in the upper right corner. Then, click the button below to complete the survey.


button for Student Advisory Panel survey questions


If you see a warning message about "No customer code found", try to log in to this website again using the links in the upper right corner. We look forward to your responses!


FLEET is an engineering video game at its core. Before applying to the Student Advisory Panel, please be sure you are familiar with the video game.

We also have developed curricula that teach the scientific forces and engineering process using collaborative, hands-on activities. You do not need to know these materials, but we welcome your feedback on all aspects of FLEET.


FLEET can be downloaded from fleetengineering.org (click "Download FLEET") or may have been provided to you as an executable. Download requires an account with the American Society of Naval Engineers. Be sure to provide a valid email address and accurate school/organization info since this will be used to create your FLEET game profile automatically.

Please uninstall any previous version of FLEET before installing a new version.

Yes! We have a users' forum that has discussion boards for technical issues, gaming questions, and places to show off your engineering successes. This tool may be one that the Student Advisory Panel chooses to use.

The Forum is available on the left toolbar of each page. It is password protected for security reasons, so you will need to log into navalengineers.org first.

For additional technical support, please email navatekstem@gmail.com.

For questions about non-technical issues, please email fleet@navalengineers.org.