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Live Demonstrations Schedule

Schedule subject to change.  

Day Time Name Organization Summary
7/20/17 1130-1145 Jim Byrnes Prometheus Inc. MIRK for ASW & MCM - We show detection and discrimination of active sonar ASW & MCM targets using their material properties.
7/20/17 1145-1200 Dr. Phillip Mangos Adaptive Immersion Technologies AI Technologies to conduct a live demo of Stealth Adapt, an immersive assessment designed to select the next generation of UAS pilots.
7/20/17 1200-1215 Mamadou H Diallo SSC Pacific CallForFire: A Mission-Critical Cloud-based Defense Application Built Using Homomorphic Encryption with GPU Acceleration
7/20/17 1215-1230 Greg Hays Torrey Pines Logic A free space optics solution that permits users to communicate voice, video and data at significant ranges, covertly and using little power when traditional wireless is not available, being denied, or not desired.
7/20/17 1230-1245 Skip Farmer Veritas Technologies LLC Cloud Software-as-a-Service delivery to create visual mapping of backup data sets for analytics and analysis.
7/20/17 1245-1300 Peter Kelley InsomniSolv, Inc. A unique wearable that helps you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer without taking drugs.
7/20/17 1300-1315 Robert McKillip Continuum Dynamics, Inc. A multi-stable, low-power, retrofit rotor blade trailing edge tab system, quasi-statically provides in-flight tracking.
7/20/17 1315-1330 Jack Rust, CDR, USN (Ret.) Nanocomp Technologies, Inc. Miralon is a cutting edge multifunctional carbon nanotube material poised to dramatically address Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) challenges across multiple platforms.
7/20/17 1330-1345 Jim Buscemi GBL Systems Mobile & IT technologies to revolutionize cyberspace operations by creating the Navy Proximal Web™ for increased warfighter performance.
7/20/17 1345-1400 Andrea L'Afflitto The University of Oklahoma From theory to practice: A nonlinear robust control to assist quadrotor pilots in adverse conditions.
7/20/17 1400-1415 Donald Hackworth NDI Engineering Company Modular Flexible Power Connector
7/21/17 1245-1300 Alex Viana NAVFAC NAVFAC will demo 3D virtual naval installation environments for systems engineering and advanced expeditionary planning.
7/21/17 1300-1315 Cynthia Hoyt TAM (Think-A-Move) SPEAR® Speech Recognition Technology for High Noise Environments and Hands-Free Applications
7/21/17 1315-1330 Skip Farmer Veritas Technologies LLC IT technology for analytics, tracking and reporting of unstructured data.
7/21/17 1330-1345 Jim Byrnes Prometheus Inc. Covert, Robust, Jam-Resistant Signal Transmission Using PONS - PONS is shown to inherently possess the titled properties.
7/21/17 1345-1400 LCDR Chris Keithley COMSUBPAC/Booz Allen Hamilton OceanLens fuses actual bathymetric data and acoustic propagation into a VR interactive GIS environment.