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What will you learn, see, and do at the Naval Future Force Science & Technology Expo?

ONR Office of Research: did you know?
ONR’s Office of Research (03R) portfolio makes broad investments that increases fundamental knowledge, fosters opportunities for breakthroughs, provides technology options for future naval capabilities and systems, and helps to ensure the continued U.S. advantage in naval science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) intellectual capital. 03R’s Discovery and Invention Science and Technology (S&T) programs includes Basic Research and early Applied Research, as well as Quick Reaction and other Science and Technology (S&T) programs, all of which are the essential foundations required for advanced technology development. 03R’s Education and Workforce programs raises awareness of naval career opportunities, attracts and nurtures the future talent pool of the defense scientist and engineer workforce, and fosters the continued development of the current and future naval STEM workforce. Overall, 03R programs nurture creativity, and seek a balance between risk, opportunity, and potential naval impact.

Naval C4ISR: did you know?
Modern Naval warfare is a multi-domain endeavor working simultaneously across air, surface, subsurface, and EW/cyber activities. Composite Warfare Commanders can be located at the Fleet, Force, or Group level, depending on the size and complexity of a given operation, to oversee and coordinate activities of the subordinate commands for all warfighting domains. To ensure effective collaboration across echelons and domains, the Naval Research Enterprise is developing innovative command and control mission management systems that support comprehensive, collaborative planning through the use of decision support services, analytic tools, and common displays that assist planners during mission planning. Learn more about this effort at the Naval Future Force Science and Technology Expo.

Expeditionary Maneuver Warfare and Combating Terrorism S&T: did you know?
The Expeditionary Maneuver Warfare and Combating Terrorism Science & Technology (S&T) Department (ONR 30) plans, executes, and manages an integrated portfolio of basic research, applied research, and advanced technology development to enable warfighting capabilities for the future Marine Corps, Navy Special Warfare (NSW), and the Naval Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC). ONR 30 advances state-of-the-art technology and scientific knowledge, expands warfighting capabilities through development and transfer of mission relevant S&T and scientific knowledge, and informs both new operational concepts and requirements development. Coordination amongst the operating forces, scientists, and engineers is critical to ensure S&T addresses warfighter needs. ONR 30 will introduce and discuss its S&T Priority Areas at the Expo.


Learn more about the CNR Concept Challenge and the Naval Future Force Science and Technology Expo. Chief of Naval Research RADM David Hahn was recently interviewed by Federal News Radio. The piece: “Navy reworking its S&T enterprise to onboard innovations at the pace of technology, not of bureaucracy" (Federal News Radio) can be streamed online

Looking for more information? Download a fact sheet for the expo here.

Four Reasons to Attend the NFF S&T Expo

1. CONNECT with senior leadership and program managers to learn how to do business with ONR.

2. EXAMINE and attend forums with high-level speakers from across the DoD, federal government, industry, and academia to convey crucial information, opportunities and important announcements.  CNR RADM Hahn will discuss his strategic vision: "Naval Research: A Framework for the Navy & Marine Corps After Next" 

3. ENGAGE by submitting a PosterPitch-A-Principal, Tech Talk, or Live Demonstration to get your work in front of other participants and program managers. There is still time to engage -- learn more here.

4. DISCOVER the latest technologies, programs, see Live Demos and more in the Exhibit Hall.

From speakers and attendees to sponsors and exhibitors, those involved are building the future force. Will YOU be a part of it?