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Title: Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) for Training and Simulation

Authors: Joe Beel and Reema Prasad

Abstract: UCS changes the way organizations do business through policy-based automation. UCS combines industry-standard x86-architecture blade and rack servers, networking, and enterprise-class management into a single system. The system’s configuration is entirely programmable using unified, model-based management to simplify, and accelerate deployment of applications and services running in bare-metal, virtualized, and cloud-computing environments. UCS supports rapid reconfiguration of training and simulation facilities to easily support broader spectrum of training. It uses a common IT infrastructure that minimizes cost and maximizes utilization, while delivering optimal training and simulation relevancy. Some of Cisco UCS’ key attributes that creates major advantages for the training and simulation community are:

  • Agility: any resource can be used for any purpose based on policies and business needs.
  • Automated configuration for scalability: server identity, personality, and I/O connectivity are abstracted from the hardware and can be applied on demand.
  • Central management integrated, model-based management to provision servers automatically.
  • Reduced infrastructure: condenses three network types—IP, storage, and management—into one.
  • Dynamic provisioning of resources: allows resources to be dynamically moved around and configured/reconfigured rapidly.