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Title: Integrating Shipboard Combat and Power Systems via Land Based Test Sites for Next Generation Large Loads

Authors: Matthew Bosack, Dorothy Kraynik, and Amanda Curlett

Abstract: Future electric weapons such as lasers, rail guns, and electronic warfare systems require detailed power system information concerning power state and availability in order to plan and execute their missions. They also place new demands on current and future shipboard power systems. Most current ship architectures, such as the Arleigh Burke class destroyers, operate combat and power systems as entirely separate entities, with no interaction or communication. Effective deployment of electric weapons necessitates new integration between ship combat and power systems. The Ship Electric Power Status Simulator (SHEPSS) has been developed as an early prototype to define the interface for this new Combat-Power System Integration. The effort now requires a higher fidelity power system representation interfacing with prototype AEGIS combat system software. The goal is to integrate a representative land-based ship power system in Philadelphia, PA with the land-based combat system prototype located in Dahlgren, VA. This paper will discuss changes to shipboard communication architectures, development of software, establishment of a distributed land-based test network, and cross-site coordination efforts required to successfully demonstrate integrated capabilities. Future work for moving such a system and the algorithms it requires towards autonomous control is also discussed.