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Title: Study of High-Power Electromagnetic Energy Transfer through Metamaterial Waveguides

Authors: Dr. Peter Cho, Shawn Plesnick, Dr. Brandon Good, Dr. Robert Stark

Abstract: The application of high-frequency electromagnetic waves for line-of-sight wireless power transmission is well established. However, the short wavelength necessary for high power density complicates transmission through barriers. Furthermore, high-power transmission in air presents safety concerns. Waveguides can direct waves or coherent beams over long distances through barriers. The challenges with typical waveguides include cost, adaptability, losses at bends and junctions and posing barriers to personnel. Metamaterials provide the opportunity to realize high-power energy transfer through waveguides while minimizing the cost, improving the adaptability of the system, and improving the efficiency at bends and junctions. In order to mitigate these challenges, especially at the waveguide bends and junctions, the waveguide material properties should be optimized. Metamaterials provide the opportunity to realize certain combinations of electromagnetic material properties that are not found in nature, the most compelling example being negative and near-zero indexes of refraction. A metamaterial waveguide consisting of a combination of shape primitives (or, alternatively, a single contiguous conduit), each with their own optimized parameters for the transmission frequency, could deliver high power density safely and efficiently. This conceptual study investigates the feasibility of implementing a metamaterial waveguide to direct high-power electromagnetic energy with minimal losses and increased adaptability.