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Title: Light-Weight, Early-Stage Power System Model for Time-Domain Simulation

Authors: Aaron M. Cramer, Edwin L. Zivi, and John D. Stevens

Abstract: During the early stage, it is desirable to assess the ship impact of various technology alternatives. For example, the sizing, placement, and control of energy storage within the system can significantly affect the performance of the system in situations involving challenging loading or disruptive conditions. To understand these effects, it is necessary to perform time-domain simulation of the power system over the course of the scenario. In such cases, it may be necessary to perform many such simulations. Simultaneously, limited information about the power system design (including control) is available at this early stage. To address these dual concerns, a light-weight power system model can be employed to evaluate these scenarios. The model is light weight in two respects. First, the computational burden associated with the model is low, allowing many simulations to be performed in a reasonable amount of time. Second, the model requires relatively little information about the power system in order to parameterize it. The explanation of how the light-weight model differs from other types of power system models, the rationale for using such models, and discussion of applications is provided.