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Title: Design Criteria and Practices for the Electric Warship

Author: Dr. Norbert Doerry, Naval Sea Systems Command (SEA 05T)

Abstract: NAVSEA T9300-AF-PRO-020 is the U.S. Navy’s design practices and criteria manual for design of surface ship electrical systems. During FY2016 revision 1 of this document was issued to replace the original version issued in 1992. Revision 1 was created to reflect the significant changes in electrical power system technology that have occurred since 1992. This paper will highlight the extensive format and technical changes made to the document as well as the reasons for the changes. In particular, revision 1 focuses on Preliminary and Contract Design and clearly discriminates between criteria (requirements) and practices (recommendations). It also incorporates criteria and practices for new technologies such as integrated power systems, medium-voltage (high-voltage) distribution systems, energy storage, advanced controls, and power electronics. The new revision provides updated references to industry and military specifications, standards, and other technical documents. The paper concludes with topics that were not included in revision 1, but are planned for the next revision. These topics include medium-voltage and low-voltage d.c. systems and support for pulse-power loads.