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Title: Improving Power Awareness for US Navy Surface Forces

Authors: Michael Elbert, Dina Kowalyshyn, Ajit Anand, and Michael Essig

Abstract: Technology will provide multiple solutions from maximizing efficiencies for propulsion and electrical plant equipment to reducing life cycle costs; but to convert the benefits of technology into increased warfighter capability, decision-makers need specific energy use information. Knowing how equipment is used / operated to complete missions and how fuel is used to power equipment will increase awareness to provide the best opportunity to maximize the technological gains in power generation. Our vessel fuel utilization toolset provides such awareness by displaying current and projected fuel consumption attributable to specific factors encountered in operational conditions, including the environment, hull fouling, displacement and engineering plant modes. A physics and quantitative based methodology was utilized which focused on assessing and quantifying fuel utilization impacts due to machinery employment, material condition disparities, abnormal configurations and excess usage. This construct displayed valuable insights into electrical power fuel utilization and projection of machinery and material condition controls. The overall impact of the toolset will increase the energy consumption awareness and enable decision-makers to alter shipboard behavior and realize the technology efficiencies while improving operational readiness.