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Title: Next-Generation Thermal Management Architecture for Future Surface Combatants

Authors: Matthew Frank, P.E. and Mark S. Spector, PhD

Abstract: Thermal loads continue to grow on Navy Ships as more powerful, capable and denser electronics continue to be integrated within Command, Control, Computer and Communication (C4) systems. Next-generation systems like electromagnetic rails guns, solid state lasers, high powered microwave, Electronic Warfare Systems and Advanced Radar Systems will further strain the existing thermal management infrastructure with large increases in thermal loads. Legacy design practices for thermal systems are outdated and the size, weight and energy usage will scale, nearly linearly, with the required cooling capacity when these practices are followed. There are ample opportunities to rethink and optimize the thermal management architecture for future cooling loads. This paper discusses one such architecture, known as the intermediate temperature water system (ITWS), which can result in a dramatic reductions in size, weight and power usage of the shipboard thermal management system.