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Title: Systems Engineering Practice, Implementation, Training and Challenges at Naval Surface Warfare Center, Philadelphia Division (NSWCPLD)

Authors: Mr. Sean Gallagher, Dr. Stephen Mastro, and Mr. David Woodward

Abstract: Systems Engineering (SE) has an increasing role in the work at NSWCPLD due to the US Navy’s increased emphasis on innovative and affordable ship design and construction and economic pressures in the maintenance and operation of the current fleet. In their role providing full spectrum engineering for Hull, Mechanical, and Electrical Systems for Navy Ships and Submarines, NSWCPLD has implemented a number of programs in the use of formal systems engineering processes, techniques, and tools to optimize various work products. While formally starting in the area of software products, implementation of SE is now extending to other areas. The implementation of SE for various programs present many challenges in the multi-disciplinary, multi-organizational, long-lead time culture of Navy shipbuilding, operation and maintenance. This paper highlights the continuing implementation of SE, the specific challenges in its implementation, and techniques and specific projects used to execute and train engineers in SE.