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Title: Industry-based Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) for Advanced Machinery Technology

Author: John Mochulski

Abstract: Today, due to shrinking defense budgets, the military tends to look to industry to invest in research and development to create a large portion of the DoD’s technology standards. Many products and systems for DoD are created by simply leveraging industry’s efforts to meet consumer demands and market-driven opportunities. As a result, commercial technology innovation, products, and standards today frequently find their way into military applications to fill gaps in mission capability. If there is no commercial market demand for a specific military need, the mission capability may remain unrealized without significant DoD investment. Fortunately for the DoD, there is no shortage of commercial investment in addressing cybersecurity.
This paper explores emerging commercial standards for Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) that could be leveraged to: 1) improve Navy Control System readiness to detect and identify potential cyber threats, and 2) respond and recover from a cyber-attack in real-time.