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Title: Design Structure Matrix with Consideration of Technological Obsolescence for Managing Complex Engineering Projects.

Authors: Gershom Obeng and Han Bao

Abstract: This paper will show how to use a systems engineering tool called the DSM (Design Structure Matrix) to model the time and cost of completing a complex project which includes feedback inputs from downstream activities. A gap in DSM literature that this paper will address is what happens to the time and cost of a project if the probability of rework is not constant with respect of time. A weakness in technological forecasting literature that this paper also will address is how to model the effects of failure on the interfaces of devices used to complete the project. This paper will demonstrate that only considering device mortality and not including its obsolescence in a forecast will lead to projects going over budget and behind schedule. A case study will be used to illustrate the statements made above.
Keywords: design structure matrix, project management, technological obsolescence, cost estimation, process planning.