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Title: CHIL-based Demonstration of Centralized Fault Location Strategy for a MVDC Shipboard Power System

Authors: Shravan Tamaskar, Harsha Ravindra, Mike Sloderbeck, Ruturaj Soman, and Michael Steurer

Abstract: Clearing of short circuits and fast system restoration is an important aspect on MVDC shipboard power systems (SPS) with current limiting modular multilevel converters (MMC) [1] and fast disconnect switches [2]. This paper demonstrates the controller-hardware-in-the-loop (CHIL) implementation of the centralized fault location (CFL) scheme which operates on an adaptive percentage differential algorithm to detect short-circuits in the system [3].

The MVDC power system [4] is modeled on real time digital simulator (RTDS), running in real time with a 50 µs time-step. CFL scheme is implemented on an industrial automation system which is interfaced to the RTDS through a CHIL setup (Figure 1). The automation system consists of a master unit which receives data from slave units via an optical fiber interface that monitors instantaneous currents throughout the SPS. The master unit processes the instantaneous current differential algorithm and initiates the fault management sequence. The goal of the overall fault management scheme is to detect the fault, isolate the faulted section, and restore system power in less than 8 ms.

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