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Title: Experimental Design of Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Actuators on a Rotating Reference Frame

Authors: Tristan Wolfe, Michael Slipper, Daniel Simmons, Dr. Jesse Little, Dr. Yu-Tai Lee


The design modification of a double-width double-inlet (DWDI) centrifugal impeller for the installation of dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) plasma actuators is presented here. Although several studies utilizing DBD plasma actuators for flow control of flow phenomena such as vortex-dominated swirling flows and flow separations exist, very few studies are concerned with the application of this flow control mechanism to turbomachinery systems.

The process of designing a novel power distribution system and DWDI centrifugal impeller is presented as a case study for researchers interested in the application of this technology to turbomachinery systems. Electrical and material requirements provide unique challenges for the installation of DBD plasma actuators on a rotating reference frame. The results of material dielectric testing, finite element analysis, impeller design modifications, stereolithography 3D printing, and slip ring design are presented here.