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Title: Steady-State Specifications and Design Requirements for Medium-Voltage DC Shipboard Power System

Authors: Nasibeh Zohrabi, Jian Shi, Maziar Babaei, and Sherif Abdelwahed

The design of Shipboard Power System (SPS) requires taking into consideration of various design features and specifications/requirements under different operating scenarios to enhance the system stability, security, survivability and economics. This paper provides a comprehensive review on existing literature to summarize a list of significant design criteria and performance metrics with the detailed formulations to accommodate the steady-state analysis and mission planning for Medium-Voltage DC (MVDC) Shipboard Power Systems (SPSs). The proposed design requirements and criteria formulations aim to provide a comprehensive guideline and reference for the SPS community from industry, academia and Navy and facilitate various aspects of design and development practices of the MVDC SPS applications. Important required constraints and operating regions for SPS are also provided in order to work on safe conditions.

Keywords: Shipboard Power System (SPS), Steady State Analysis, Specifications, Medium- Voltage DC (MVDC).