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Young Professionals Program

Overview - ASNE is excited to offer Young Professionals (YP) the opportunity to shape the culture of non-profit professional societies through a long term project with mentoring and guidance from some of the industry’s top leaders, recognition of the top performers and a chance to directly influence ASNE Day 2017 for your fellow YP’ers. Details on the competition as well as other mentoring/networking sessions offered during ASNE Day 2016 are below. Pre-registration for these is required, so sign up today!

Inaugural YP Team Challenge: “Redefining Success”
- How often have you been asked to join a society without really seeing a personal or professional benefit? How often have you had a question and nobody to turn to? In this ASNE Day Challenge, we’re giving today’s Young Professionals an opportunity to expand on these issues and change tomorrow’s culture. The plan is to work in teams to create a strategy on how to shape the culture of non-profit professional societies and provide tangible measures of success for incoming workforce and rising professionals. Why participate? Teams will have access to senior leader mentors in the industry throughout the year and top teams will be selected to present and implement their initiatives, where results will be realized by ASNE Day 2017. If you already have a team in mind, please list the name of your team and your fellow members when you register for this event here (login required). The YP facilitators will assist anyone without a pre-established team during the first day of the event. 

Challenge Schedule of Events:

  • Wednesday - Dr. Jason Strickland will be leading a presentation on understanding team dynamics and lessons learned when presenting to senior leaders. Afterwards, there will be a brainstorming session.
  • Thursday -Teams will finalize and present their strategy to their peers. Participants will then select which strategy they would like to further develop throughout the year. Participants will also have the option to switch to another strategy team after the selections, if preferred.
  • After 3 months and 6 months post ASNE Day 2016, peers will be asked to vote for their top strategy choice. As your peers down-select the proposed strategies, team members may opt to join or transfer to any of the active strategy teams.
  • October 2017 - The remaining active strategies will be implemented to realize the results by ASNE Day 2017. These teams will present their strategies and results to ASNE leadership and top senior industry leaders at ASNE Day 2017.
Building Bridges Sessions

At ASNE Day 2016, attendees will have the opportunity to sit down with senior leaders, from the Navy and industry, for 30 minutes to discuss topics that matter to you. Pre-registration is required and time slots have traditionally filled-up quick so sign up early for this great opportunity! Please include a question for the mentors when you sign up for a session here (login required).

Building Bridges Session Schedule:

  • Wednesday 0900 - 0930: RDML Alma Grocki (USN), Mr. Matthew Sermon, Mr. Glen Grogan, Ms. Jennifer Lin
  • Wednesday 1100 - 1130: Ms. Robin White, Mr. Matthew Sermon, Mr. Glen Grogan, Ms. Jennifer Lin
  • Wednesday 1300 - 1330: Mr. Ed Godfrey, Ms. Nancy Schaffer, Mr. Craig McKay, Mr. Glen Grogan, Ms. Jennifer Lin
  • Thursday 0900 - 0930: Ms. Robin White, CDR Suzanne Hemann (USCG), LCDR Emily Tharp (USCG), Mr. Glen Grogan, Ms. Jennifer Lin, Ms. Leslie Paredes
  • Thursday 1100 - 1130: RADM Ron Rabago (USCG (ret)), Mr. Craig McKay, Mr. Glen Grogan, Ms. Jennifer Lin, Ms. Leslie Paredes
  • Thursday 1300 - 1330: Mr. Ed Godfrey, CDR Bill Boulay (USN (ret)), Mr. Craig McKay, Mr. Glen Grogan, Ms. Jennifer Lin, Ms. Leslie Paredes

Confirmed mentors for the Building Bridges sessions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • CDR Bill Boulay, USN (Ret.); Delta Resources
  • Mr. Ed Godfrey, Life Cycle Engineering
  • RDML Alma Grocki, USN, NAVSEA 00R
  • Mr. Glen Grogan, NAVSEA 05
  • CDR Suzanne Hemann, USCG
  • Ms. Jennifer Lin, NAVSEA 05D
  • Mr. Craig McKay, OSD
  • Ms. Leslie Paredes, PMS 400D
  • RADM Ron Rabago, USCG (Ret.) 
  • Ms. Nancy Schaffer, NAVSEA 00X
  • Mr. Glen Sturtevant, PEO Ships
  • Mr. Matt Sermon, PMS 500
  • Mr. Glen Sturtevant, PEO Ships
  • LCDR Emily Tharp, USCG
  • Ms. Robin White, SES; NAVSEA 05D
  • Please check back daily for updates to mentor availabilities.
A list of submitted questions, suggested discussion topics, and guidelines will be provided to all participants in advance of ASNE Day 2016.


Young Professionals Keynote & Breakfast Session – On Thursday morning at 0730, participants will have a rare opportunity to meet and speak with two highly influential leaders at NAVSEA over breakfast. Confirmed YP keynotes are:  RADM(s) Brian Antonio, USN (PEO LCS) and Ms. Robin White, SES (Director for Surface Ship Design and Systems Engineering, NAVSEA). Space is very limited so please indicate your intent to participate when you register for ASNE Day.