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ASNE Day 2016 - Tentative Program

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 Tuesday, March 1, 2016
 0800-1700  Professional Development Course: Advanced Combat Systems (separate registration required)
 1100-1300  ASNE Membership Committee Meeting
 1200-1600  Student Tour - NSWC Carderock (separate registration required)
   Bus to leave Hyatt Regency at 1100
 1300-1700  Professional Development Course: Shipyard Safety and Familiarization (separate registration required)
 1300-1900  Exhibitor Set-Up
 1400-1700  ASNE Sections Committee Annual Meeting (Regional representatives encouraged to attend and participate)
 1530-1730  Post-Incident Safety Assurance Working Group Meeting (separate registration required)
 1630-1730  Student Poster Competition and Professional Poster Session Set-Up in Exhibit Hall
 1700  Registration Open 
 1800-2000  Sponsor/Exhibitor/Attendee Welcome Reception
 Wednesday, March 2, 2016
 0700-1830  Registration Hours
 1030-1830  Exhibit Hall Hours
 0700  Registration Open
 0730-0800  Continental Breakfast (Regency Foyer)
 0800-0815  Opening Remarks 
 CAPT Rick White, USN (Ret.); RWC LLC; ASNE Day 2016 Chair
 RADM Anthony W. Lengerich, USN (Ret.); CACI; ASNE President
 0815-0900  Keynote Address
 The Honorable Sean Stackley, ASN RDA (confirmed)
 0900-1030  SYSCOM/Agency Panel

 Moderator: CDR William Boulay, USN (Ret.); PEO Ships S&T Directorate (confirmed)

 0900  STEM Program Kick-Off
 0900-0930  Young Professionals Building Bridges Session (Separate Sign up Required)
 0900-1015 Student Keynote Session: "How to Get Published"
  • Frank DeBord, Editor-in-Chief, Naval Engineers Journal
  • Margaret Nate, Associate Editor, Naval Engineers Journal
  • Dr. E. Michael Golda, Associate Editor, Naval Engineers Journal

 0930-1100 Young Professionals Challenge Kick-off
Moderator: Ms. Jennifer Lin, NAVSEA
Speaker: Dr. Jason Strickland, NSWC Carderock
 1015-1115  Student Resume Writing Class
 1030-1115  Exhibit Hall Grand Opening
 1030-1115  Town Hall in Exhibit Hall –  When Readiness Counts
 1100-1130  Young Professionals Building Bridges Session (Separate Sign up Required)
 1115-1230  Student Congress
 1115-1245  S&T Panel: CNR Panel- Science & Technology in Support of Future Programs

 Moderator: RADM Nevin Carr, USN (Ret.); Leidos (confirmed)

 1115-1245 Program Management in a Cyber Environment
Ms. Karen Davis, SES, PEO, IWS
  • Ms. Claudia Morgenrood; Program Protection Plan, DASN RDT&E
 1115-1245  Panel: Computational Research Engineering Analysis Tools Environment (CREATE) – a Key Enabler of Engineered Resilient Systems
 Hosted by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
 Moderator: Mr. Tom Irvine, AIAA (confirmed)

  • Dr. Edward Kraft, Technical Advisor, Aerospace Ground Testing, Air Force Test Center, Arnold Air Force Base
  • Dr. John D’Angelo, CREATE Radio Frequency Antenna Project Manager
 1115-1245 Flexible Ships: Enabling Full Implementation of Flexible Ships
Moderator: RADM Thomas Eccles, USN (Ret.) (confirmed)
Assistant Moderator: Mr. Glen Sturtevant, Director, Science and Technology, DOD Navy (invited)

 1145-1245  STEM Lunch in Exhibit Hall
 1245-1400  Exhibit Hall Luncheon
 1245-1400  Student Poster Competition in Exhibit Hall
 1245-1400  Professional Poster Session in Exhibit Hall
 1300-1330 Young Professionals Building Bridges Session (Separate Registration Required) 
 1400-1530  Future Programs: 30 Year Plans - Surface Navy Combat Power
 1400-1530  Technical Authority in a Dynamic Environment
 RADM Bryant Fuller, USN; Deputy Commander, Ship Design, Integration and Naval Engineering, Naval Sea Systems Command (confirmed)
 1400-1545  Technical Paper Session 1 of 6: DEMATL & Energy Storage
 Moderator: Dr. Zareh Soghomonian
 1400-1800  Global Shipbuilding Executive Summit (invitation only)
 1530-1630  Coffee Break
 1600-1730  Combat Systems Session: Ballistic Missile Defense: Expanding the AEGIS Combat System Fighting Capability
 Moderator: CAPT Joe Johnson, USN (Ret.); SAIC (invited)
 Speaker: Mr. Keith Englander, SES; Technical Director, Missile Defense Agency (invited)
 1600-1730 The Polar Regions: Requirements, Challenges and Perspectives
Moderator: CDR William Boulay, USN (Ret.); PEO Ships S&T Directorate (confirmed)
  • Senior Commander Jakob Rosusoe (Danish Naval Attaché - experienced Arctic Operator)
  • Mr. Jim Webster (NAVSEA lead on Arctic matters & NATO Naval Armaments Group rep to the NATO Polar Ships Specialist Team for Design & Safety
  • Mr. Chris Cleary, USCG Surface Forces Logistics Center
 1600-1730  Future Programs: Naval Advanced Power & Energy Systems
 Moderator: Mr. Steve Markle, Director Electric Ships Office (confirmed)
 Assistant Moderator: John Preisel

  • Dr. John Amy, NSWC Philadelphia
  • Dr. Norbert Doerry, Naval Sea Systems Command
  • CAPT Lynn Petersen, Office of Naval Research
  • Mr. John Kuseian, NSWC Philadelphia
  • Mr. Joe Borraccini, Office of Naval Research
 1600-1730  Technical Paper Session 2 of 6: Unmanned and Cyber
 Moderator: Kelly Cooper
 1700-2000  ASNE Honors Gala
 1700-1830  Reception in the Exhibit Hall
 1830-2000  Annual Awards Ceremony
 Thursday, March 3, 2015
 0700-1700  Registration Hours
 0730-1530  Exhibit Hall Hours
 0700  Registration Open
 0730-0800  Continental Breakfast in the Exhibit Hall
 0730-0800  Young Professionals Keynote & Breakfast (special registration required)
 0800-0845  Keynote Address
 ADM John. M. Richardson, USN; Chief of Naval Operations
 0830-1230  Professional Development Course: Maintenance & Modernization (separate registration required)
 0845-1015  PEO Panel

 Moderator: CDR William Boulay, USN (Ret.); PEO Ships S&T Directorate (invited)

 0845-1700  Marine Machinery Association (MMA) Spring Meeting
 0900-0930  Young Professionals Building Bridges Session (Separate Registration Required) 
 0945-1100  Technical Paper Session 3 of 6: Ship Structures
 Moderator: Bob Galway
 1015-1100 Coffee Break in the Exhibit Hall
 1040-1100  Town Hall in Exhibit Hall –  Engineering Distributed Capability
  •  Anant Patel, Major Program Manager PEO IWS 7 (Future Combat Systems) (confirmed)
  •  Denise Spencer, Chief Architect, IAMD Technical Authority (Missile Defense Agency) (confirmed)
 1100-1230  MMA Point-Counterpoint Panel (ASNE Day Attendees Welcome)
 Moderator: RDML Joe Carnevale, USN (Ret.) (confirmed)
 Military Panelists:

 Industry Panelists:       
  •  RADM(Ret) Tom Eccles, Chief Executive Officer, Trident Maritime Systems, LLC
  •  CAPT(Ret) Paul Roden, Vice President Washington Operations, Fairbanks Morse Engine .
  •  Ms. Christine M. Montalvo , President and General Manager, L-3 SPD Electrical Systems
  •  Mr. Richard Giannini, President, CEO, Milwaukee Valve Company

 1100-1230 Future Programs: Advanced Computational Tools for Ship Design and Analysis
Moderator: Dr. Richard Vogelsong (confirmed)
Assistant Moderator: Mr. Lance Flitter (confirmed)
  • Ms. Robin White, SES, Director for Surface Ship Design and Systems Engineering, NAVSEA
  • Dr. Thomas Moyer; Senior Technologist, CREATE Shock Damage Initiative - NSWC Carderock
  • Dr. Alex Gray; CREATE Rapid Ship Design Initiative, NSWC Carderock
  • Dr. Joseph Gorski; Head Computational Hydromechanics Divison- NSWC, Carderock
 1100-1230  Technical Paper Session 4 of 6: Additive Manufacturing
 Moderator: Martin Irvine
 1100-1130 Young Professionals Building Bridges Session (Separate Registration Required) 
 1230-1330  Exhibit Hall Luncheon
 1300-1330 Young Professionals Building Bridges Session (Separate Registration Required)
 1330-1500  Combat Systems Session: Surface Navy Advances in Warfighting
 Moderator: CAPT Joe Johnson, USN (Ret.); SAIC (confirmed)
  • CAPT Tom Druggan, USN; PEO IWS 1.0 MPM AEGIS Combat Systems Major Program Manager(confirmed)
  • CAPT John Lowery, USN; MDA/AB-AW
  • CAPT Michael Ladner, USN; PEO IWS 3.0
  • CDR Sidney Hodgson, USN; PEO IWS 3AD
  • Mr. Greg Thomas; PEO IWS 5.0
 1330-1500  Young Professionals Capstone Project
 1330-1500  Technical Paper Session 5 of 6: Current Trends in Naval Applications
 Moderator: James Harrison
 1500-1515  Coffee Break in the Exhibit Hall
 1530  Exhibit Hall Closes
 1515-1700  Ohio Replacement Program
 1515-1700  Panel: Space Applications/Technologies with Naval Engineering Implications Session 2 of 2
 Hosted by NASA
 Moderator: Dr. Jay Falker, Early Stage Portfolio Executive, Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD), NASA
 Assistant Moderator: Nikolai Joseph, NASA HQ

  • Dr. Jeremy Frank, NASA Ames Research Center
  • Dr. Don Cornwell, Optical Communications, NASA HQ
  • Michael Little, NASA Langley Research Center
  • Andrew Petro, NASA HQ
  • Steve Oleson, NASA Glenn Research Center
 1515-1700  Technical Paper Session 6 of 6: Future Trends in Naval Applications
 Moderator: Norbert Doerry 
 1700  ASNE Day Adjourns